10 Best numbers to bet on in Roulette wheel online revealed!

Know the 10 best numbers to bet on in Roulette, which hits the most on the roulette wheel online to win more? 6 individual numbers & 4 side bets to play at W88.

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Playing Roulette is extremely fun on online betting sites like W88 thanks to the many betting options available and its quick paced nature. But although these two things help in making Roulette a fun game to play, these are the same things that can make beginners go bonkers over which bet to place for it to be accurate. Since, Roulette rounds take place quickly, you must be quick in your decisions as well. So, if you want to know which roulette number hit most on the wheel, then you have come to the right place!


Bet on these 6 Individual Roulette Numbers to Win more!

To answer the question of which roulette number hit most on the wheel, we have divided this article into two parts. The first part will introduce you to the 6 best individual roulette number bets you can place to win, while the other half will let you in on 4 cool side bets that cover most of the 6 numbers in a single bet.

1. 17 is at the perfect spot on the wheel

We will start this list with the number 17, a number on the Roulette wheel that is considered to be a magic number. When you create an account in the W88 Register, one of Asia’s top online betting sites, and join online roulette game rooms, you will notice that most of the time, gamblers will bet on 17.


  • 17 is considered to be the first of the four magic numbers in roulette thanks to its position on the wheel as it is considered to be in the middle.
  • This was observed by many players where the ball mostly landed on the number 17.
  • And so, although placing bets on the number for every round won’t make you win, 17 could help you win most of the rounds.

2. The number 24 is a magic number

The next number that many gamblers tend to place their bets on is the number 24 and this is not because the number is in the perfect spot but instead, it is a number that many people are drawn to place bets on. Interestingly, this number is often paired with 23 as it has many benefits.


  • 24 is the second number that is considered to be a magic number in Roulette and as mentioned above, many people are drawn to this number not because of its spot on the wheel.
  • However, what makes this number attractive is probably its position on the table and since Roulette is a fast-paced game many people find it easier to place their bets on 24.
  • Surprisingly though, when this number is paired with the number below, the bet seems to work and could increase your winning rate.

3. Try placing bets on the number 23

The third magic number is another ordinary number that most people are drawn to based on its placement on the table and that is the number 23. However, many people tend to place bets on this number along with 24. If you want to boost your wallets and place bets on more than one magic number like 23 and 24, then you should apply for your online casino bonus like the W88 Promotion that gives you up to RM600 on casino products.


  • There is no profound reason behind why 23 is a magic number except that it is placed at an attractive spot on the roulette table.
  • However, many gamblers tend to place bets on this number with 24 as a split bet, and this is indeed very rewarding and a genius Roulette strategy.
  • Placing split bets on the number 23 and 24 would increase your chances of winning. However, if you place individual bets on this betting option, you also could be playing the Odd/Even and Red/Black bets.

4. 7 is the last and lucky magic number

Taking the last magic number spot is the number 7 and this is because 7 is widely accepted as a lucky number in casinos. Like the number 17, you will find many people placing bets on the number 7 too when playing Roulette online. And if you want to give this a go, then you can access a variety of Roulette game rooms at the W88 Live Casino.


  • Most casino games are created so that players could test their luck and enjoy the thrills of gambling online and there is no better way to do so that by playing Roulette.
  • Since 7 is widely regarded as the most lucky casino number and so many gamblers use this number as a way to test their luck and enjoy authentic roulette.
  • In fact there are many online casino games that have 7 as their theme number like the Lucky 7 slot game or the 7 Up Down card game, etc.

5. The number 25 must be used with luck

Next on the list we have the number 25 and this is a number that you can place bets on occasionally to be on the safer side when learning How to Play Roulette Online. The reason behind this is not because 25 is an attractive number or because it often shows up, but because it is placed right before the number 17 on the wheel.


  • Above we  have mentioned that 17 is the best roulette number that many gamblers bet on as it is a number where the ball often lands on and this is thanks to its position on the wheel.
  • However, sometimes the wheel may spin slightly slower and the ball would land on the number before 17, which is 25 and so it becomes one of the best roulette numbers to try.
  • The reason the other number 34, which comes right after the number 17 is not considered a good number is because the ball rarely lands on it as 17, the most occurring number comes right before it, making 25 the next best roulette betting option.

6. A good or bad number based on your belief is 3

In the end, Roulette is a game of luck and although all these numbers could help you increase your winning rate, it isn’t guaranteed that you would win every round with it. That being said, luck plays an important role in games like roulette and so, this next lucky number is also considered to be the worse one, it all depends on what you believe.


  • Just like the number 7, many people consider 3 to be a lucky number traditionally, and so 3 is also considered lucky when it comes to betting.
  • However, in Roulette 3 is considered to be unlucky but again it is often mistaken for the unlucky number 13 that you should avoid.
  • So, depending on your beliefs and gut instinct, 3 could be a number that could help you win more making it the final individual number in roulette you should try.

Make most of the side betting options by grouping the numbers

It is emphasized above that the beauty of Roulette lies in the fact that it comes with many betting options and even the side betting options are fun to play at. However, using the Roulette Strategies of placing bets on any of the 4 side bets, you can place a single wager on more than 1 of the above mentioned numbers. In this section of the article, let us look at these fruitful side betting options in roulette.

Note: Although betting on side bets is simple and more fun, it is important to note that the odds on the side bets are decreased from the main number bets, and as a result, the payout you receive from winning these bets is not always as fruitful as winning the main bets.

1. 2nd Dozen Side Bet covers 12 numbers

One of the best side betting options in roulette is the dozen betting option where you can place bets on 12 numbers in one go, and these come in 3 groups wherein the first dozen contains numbers 1-12, the second dozen has the numbers 13-24, and the third dozen has the numbers 25-36.


  • From the three dozen betting groups, the 2nd Dozen or the 2nd 12 outside betting option is the best one to go with as it covers 3 of the best roulette numbers.
  • Placing bets on the 2nd Dozen would cover the numbers 17, 23, and 24, which are also three out of four magic numbers.
  • Besides this, one of the pro Roulette Tips is to also place bets on the even/odd or black/red betting option as there are 6 numbers of each option in the 2nd dozen outside betting option in Roulette.

2. Middle Row Bets can help you win too

Just like the dozen betting option, you have the row bets which come in 3 groups. The first row contains the numbers 1-34, the second row contains the numbers 2-35, and the third row has the numbers 3-36. From these three rows, the middle row bet is the best one to go for.


  • Although all the rows has magic numbers that you can place bets on, the middle row specifically has the numbers 17 and 23, which make two out of four of the magic numbers.
  • Although the first row has the number 7 and 25, it can be considered as a second betting option, as it contains 1 magic number 1 safe number.
  • Additionally, like the dozen bet, you can wager on the even/odd or black/red betting options for extra payout win.

3. Cover half the table with number 1-18

Next on the list of 10 best numbers to bet on in Roulette is an outside betting option that covers half of the roulette table and so can give you a better chance of winning the round as it also covers 3 of the best roulette numbers mentioned above. Betting on the 1-18 outside betting option is thus, one of the best Roulette Tricks you can use to cover half of the numbers on the table.


  • The outside betting option for 1-18, lets you cover the numbers 1 through 18 on the roulette table, which is half of the table, removing 0.
  • This betting option would also give you the chance to bet on the individual numbers 3, 7, and 17 in a single bet, with the additionally even/odd and red/black betting option you can go for.
  • In short, the 1-18 betting option covers 3 out of 6 individual best roulette numbers with the best and lucy magic number 17 and 7, respectively.

4. Cover the Other Half with 19-36 side bet

Lastly, the best roulette outside bet and numbers you can bet on to win is the opposite of the aforementioned point and that is the 19-36 side betting option. Here, you not only place bets on the other half of the table but also cover 3 hot roulette numbers.


  • The outside betting option 19-36 covers the numbers 19 through 36 on the roulette table, which also covers the numbers 23, 24, and 25.
  • From the three numbers that it covers, the number 23 and 24 are considered to be two out of four roulette magic numbers.
  • Thus, regardless of which side you choose, you could cover most of the roulette numbers with the 1-18 and 19-26 outside betting options and so, you can decide to alternate between these two betting options using winning betting systems.


With this we hope to have answered the question of Which Roulette Number Hits Most on the roulette wheel. However as an advice it is always best to observe the game and watch out for the hot and cold numbers wherein the hot numbers are the most recurring one for the day and the cold numbers are those that haven’t won in a while and accordingly you can place your bets on amazing sites like W88 to enjoy wholesome payouts and cashback offers.

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