Martingale Blackjack strategy explained with useful examples

What is Martingale blackjack strategy? Does it really work? Know the pros & cons of this famous progression betting system + 5 beginner tips from W88you experts!

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Gambling online can be fun, however, if you play games like Blackjack without using any strategy, then things might not work in your favor. So, in this article, we will introduce you to one of the most effective strategy that you can use for online gambling and that is the Martingale Blackjack strategy. Using this progressive betting system, you can maximize your profits while playing blackjack games at online casino betting sites like W88.

What is the Martingale blackjack strategy?

Let us jump straight into the main subject and talk about what exactly is the Martingale Blackjack strategy as it is a system used by many online pro gamblers. Not only this, but the Martingale system is also appreciated by top investors, as it helps them maximize profit whenever they experience any loss.


  • The Martingale strategy, is a famous progressive betting system, which means that it lets you increase your betting stake whenever you experience a loss so that you can win back the lost money when you eventually win.
  • This increment must happen by doubling up your initial betting stake for the next round after you lose a round. If you lose again, you must double it up again but if you win, you must continue playing with the same betting stake till you lose again.
  • This is one of the most effective betting strategies you can use for online games like Blackjack that have more than one betting rounds in a single game. However, finding good Blackjack game rooms is equally important and you can do that by creating an account in online betting sites like the W88 Register.
  • This betting system is created for high rollers, this means that you should have a higher bankroll when using this betting system. To add to this, the risk level is higher when using the Martingale Blackjack strategy, so it is best to back it up with some Blackjack betting tips and tricks.

So, the Martingale betting system is one which is very powerful only if used properly. For instance, if you place RM1 bet in the first game round and lose the betting round, then you must double up the betting stake and place RM2 for the next game, so that when you eventually win a round, you will get RM4 in return, thereby making small profits.

The Reverse Martingale strategy has lower risks

With the above example, you may also notice that the Martingale strategy is indeed risky and as a matter of fact, only pro gamblers wager using this system because of the calculated risks and their high bank rolls backing them up. That being said, as a beginner, it is always good to practice risky betting systems from the start, so that you eventually grow use to them and create your own ways to play Blackjack online. This is why, you should start by playing with the reverse Martingale system as a beginner. However, you should know that like this, there are many Blackjack Winning Strategies that you can adopt and apply to your gameplay online.


The reverse Martingale betting system is similar to the original one as it is a progressive betting strategy too. However, in the reverse Martingale system, you must increase your betting stake by doubling it whenever you experience a win. So, when you lose, you must keep the same betting stake, but when you win you should double it up and use the new betting stake till you experience a win again.

The result or outcome of the reverse Martingale Blackjack strategy is similar to that of the original one, but the risks is slightly lower here as you could win more rounds and get higher payouts using some additional Blackjack strategy. Using this variation requires you to maintain a high bankroll too but if you want to avoid spending your own money, you can claim a new member bonus like the ones under W88 Promotion that gives you up to RM30 free credit and RM600 casino bonus to play blackjack online.

Win/Loss case scenarios using Martingale system

To understand the Martingale Blackjack strategy in a better way, let us look at the table below where there are winning and losing scenarios introduced randomly. The idea here is to show you how you must increase or maintain the same betting stake depending on your wins and loses.

Round No.Betting StakeWin/Lose ScenariosProfit MadeNew Betting Stake
1RM5Lose– RM5Doubles up
2RM10Lose– RM10Doubles up
3RM20Win+ RM40Remains the same
4RM20Win+ RM40Remains the same
5RM20Win+ RM40Remains the same
6RM20Lose– RM20Doubles up
7RM40Win+ RM80Remains the same
8RM40Lose– RM40Doubles up
9RM80Win+ RM160Remains the same
10RM160Win+ RM320Remains the same

From the table above, you can clearly see the risks of using the Martingale progression system, because in the table, the initial betting stake was set for RM5 but within just 10 rounds it reached to RM160. You will also get a clear view of how you need to win more rounds by using your own Blackjack gaming skills to progress further with the betting payout returns to gain profit. In these case scenarios, we have used a total of RM415 as out betting stake and earned back RM605, assuming that we won 6 out of 10 rounds. So, in the end, the Martingale Blackjack strategy gave us a profit of RM190, which is clearly good, especially if you use online casino like the W88 Live Casino.

Pros of using Martingale progression system

The Martingale Blackjack strategy is one of the most effective  and widely used betting systems to play game like Blackjack and so have we emphasized above. But to sum things up, below mentioned are the reasons why you should incorporate the Martingale progression system in your online Blackjack games.


  • Makes placing bets fun: Learning How to Play Blackjack Online is one of the most fun forms of entertainment you experience and so, the Martingale Blackjack strategy keeps up with the fun and thrills of gambling by making the act of placing bets fun. Here, you must increase your betting stake whenever you lose or win, depending on which variation you choose, making it fun to gamble and maintain a set betting limit.
  • Lets you play mindfully: Since you have to pay attention to when you must increase your betting stake by doubling it, the Martingale progression system helps you place bets in Blackjack game rooms mindfully. This is helpful especially for beginners because some times, you may end up getting swept away by the fun and pace of the Blackjack game, which often leads to mindless gaming and in turn a bad habit.
  • Can use betting limits: With the Martingale betting system, you can use betting limits set for yourself which can be daily or weekly. This could also be used as a great reminder of when you should leave the online game room for the day. Thus, with the Martingale blackjack strategy, you can eventually develop a healthy relationship with gambling online.
  • Helps gain profit if used correctly: The purpose of using betting systems is to gain profit and using the Martingale progression system would definitely help you earn such profits. Although you may require a huge bank roll when playing Blackjack with the Martingale system, you will definitely end up leaving the game room with more money that what you had when you joined for the day. But to gain such a profit, you should use the Martingale betting system mindfully and correctly by adding in your own tips and tricks.
  • Can start with low betting stakes: Lastly, this betting system allows you to select and set your own initial betting stake, and since profit does not always have to be in big numbers, you can start betting with the lowest minimum betting stake available in the game rooms online. This is one of the best ways for beginners to use the Martingale betting system as starting small won’t affect their bankroll with any major loss.

Cons of using Martingale progression system

The Martingale betting system appeals to most gamblers out there, but there are some risks that come with it which some gamblers would like to avoid. So, below mentioned are the cons of using the Martingale Blackjack strategy when playing Blackjack online. Using these as your guide, you can decide if this Blackjack betting system would help you profit and whether it would go hand-in-hand with your own Blackjack Tricks.


  • Requires a large bank roll: Since the Martingale betting system comes under the progressive betting system, it requires you to enter the game room with a huge bank roll that would last for the entire time you play blackjack online. But in the first place, Blackjack is a game that requires you to play with a huge bankroll regardless of whether you use a betting system or not. This means that you have to add an extra RM10 or RM20 to your existing cash.
  • Can go wrong if not used right: If you decide to use the Martingale strategy then it is advised that you accompany it with other Blackjack beginner tips and tricks like using the minimum betting amount at your initial betting stake, etc. This is because if you play the blackjack game by setting a high initial betting rate then it can result in major loss. A best way is to use the reverse Martingale betting system to play blackjack for low risk gaming.
  • Not beginner-friendly: By now you should already know that the Martingale progression system is not beginner-friendly, so it should not be the first betting system you should try immediately as a newbie. Instead you can use other progressive and beginner-friendly systems like the 1324 or D’Alembert betting strategies. The Martingale strategy requires you to learn basic betting tricks first so that you do not lose a lot of money when using it.

5 beginner tips for using the Martingale system

It is emphasized above that the Martingale Blackjack strategy is created for high rollers but mastering this progressive betting system as a beginner is a good thing as it will help you get a hang of it as you keep playing Blackjack online. That being said, it is always wise to be careful when gambling online even when using betting systems and so here are some Blackjack Tips that you can use as beginner when using the Martingale system.


  1. Maintain a fixed bank roll: Firstly, it is important that you maintain a proper bankroll when playing Blackjack online. This bankroll can be set as your daily betting limit and should be slightly more than average wagering amount in the game rooms. Using this bankroll, you must place bets as we do not recommend placing bets on the blackjack table using your payout returns.
  2. Opt-in for any casino bonuses: Blackjack is one of the oldest and popular casino games and so it is a game where the minimum wagering limits is slightly higher than other casino games. To add to this, it is also a game with more than one betting round and so, using online casino bonuses is something you should do. There are usually new member bonuses that you can claim upon making minimum required deposit after signing up an account in the online casino register.
  3. Set daily time limits to play: Above we have spoken about maintaining a fixed bankroll and using it strictly to blackjack games online. But one of the tricks you can use to play blackjack is setting time limits or playing only at certain times. Most gamblers prefer playing blackjack games in the evenings or at night, and if you do so by joining multi-tabled blackjack game rooms, then your chances of receiving more money is high.
  4. Observe the game before betting: When you join the table, it is important to remember not to immediately place your bets online but observe some rounds first. Observing any online casino game before placing your bets online is a habit you should form as a beginner as it will help you predict which betting option wins the most. But in cases like Blackjack, you can observe the game to not only keep up with the flow but also use the card counting trick.
  5. Use betting tricks like card counting: As mentioned above, using betting tricks with the Martingale Blackjack strategy can help you in many ways, but one of the best trick for blackjack is the card counting method. Using your observations, you should keep track of all the cards and assign zero, negative, and positive values to each cards for instance, cards from ace to 5 can be negative 1, cards from 6 to 10 can be positive 1, and face cards can be zero. This way, you must keep adding and subtracting cards as they are dealt to eventually learn to predict the next card.


This was all about the Martingale Blackjack Strategy that you can use to gain maximum payouts as you increase your betting stake whenever you lose to win back the lost money when you eventually win. However, it is important to keep in mind that the Martingale progression system requires a high bankroll and prior Blackjack gaming knowledge that will aid you in winning more rounds and thus, in gaining progressive payouts in Blackjack game rooms online.

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