What happens if the Over/Under is exact: Refund or lost bet?

What happens if the Over/Under is exact? Is it a win, loss, or refund? Find answers at W88you with 3 possible scenarios of O/U betting from W88 Sports Malaysia!

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Sports betting is getting increasingly famous in the coming years and if you want to jump in on this trend, you have to first learn about all the betting options. In this article, we will look into one of the main betting options in sports and that is the over/under betting options and also address the question what happens if the over/under is exact using examples from W88, one of Asia’s top online betting sites.

What is Over/Under in Sports betting?

Let us first look into the simple explanation of what is Over/Under in sports betting online. Over/Under is one of the most famous betting options that you will find in sportsbooks online. This betting option comes in various variations and sometimes has a 3-way betting option too which we will elaborate on further down the article.


  • The Over/Under, or O/U, betting option is a betting options where you have to place bets to predict whether the total score of the match with be over a predetermined number or under the predetermined number.
  • This predetermined number is given by sportsbook makers after analyzing all the previous matches and statistics for both the teams. Thus, the predetermined number varies for different matches in sports. So, joining a good online betting site, like W88 is important for accurate predictions. To create an account at W88, visit our W88 Register article.
  • This betting option is given to determine whether the combined score of both teams will be more than the predetermined number or less than it. However, there are O/U bets available for individual team scores as well.

Examples of Over/Under betting option and their meaning

To elaborate further on the above explanation let us look at an example with further explanation of the Over/Under sub-betting options over and under. Here, we will take an example of the predetermined goal number 3. So, you basically have to place bets to determine whether the total score will be more 3 goals or less than three goals.

Over – Predict score to be more than fixed number

The first of the two sub-betting options in O/U is the Over betting option and this is something that many people tend to place bets on, especially when there are two strong teams playing. However, the predetermined number of goals matter too, so you must use this betting option wisely.


Placing bets on Over 3 means that you are predicting that the total score of the match will be more than 3 goals, which is basically 4 or more goals. If the total score of the match is less than 3, then the bet is lost. The payout you will receive if Over 3 sub-betting option wins would be calculated by multiplying your betting stake with the betting odds, in this case the betting odd is 2.23.

Under – Predict score to be less than fixed number

The second sub-betting option in the Football Over/Under main bet is Under, and this is a betting option that is exactly the opposite of the aforementioned one. The Under betting option is one that many gamblers go for when the game is somehow easy to predict, but they avoid this option the most when it comes to matches that could have over-time.


Placing bets on Under 3 means that you are predicting that the total score of the match will be less than 3 goals, which is basically 2, 1, or 0 goals. If the total score of the match is more than 3, then the bet is lost. The payout you will receive if Under 3 sub-betting option wins would be calculated by multiplying your betting stake with the betting odds, in this case the betting odd is 1.71.

What happens if the Over/Under is exact?

Although the Over/Under betting option is easy to understand as you just have to predict whether the score would be more or less than the predetermined number, the question of what happens if the over/under is exact still remains. This question basically is asking, what happens if the Total Score of the aforementioned example is exactly 3 goals? The answer to this question is that if the Over/Under total is exact, then the betting stake is pushed. Which means that you will get your betting stake back.

W88 offers 3-way Over/Under betting for corners

However, the betting stake will only be returned to you if the total score is exact in the 2 way O/U betting option. As shown in the picture above from the W88 Sportsbook, the Corners 3-Way O/U betting option has a third sub-betting option and that is the Exact Score.

Exact Score is a sub-betting option in the 3 Way O/U variant where you have to place bets to predict the exact score of the match. For instance, if the predetermined number of corners given for the match is 8, then you can either bet to predict that there would be more than 8 corners (Over 8), Exactly 8 corners, or less than 8 corners (Under 8).

Over/Under scores cannot be exact with .5 scores

Although having your betting stake refunded is something nice, the betting stake being pushed or refunded for O/U bets in sportsbooks is most of the time not possible and this is because of the .5 predetermined numbers. To make things interesting, sportsbook provides you with decimal predetermined numbers, which basically is adding .5, that is, half a goal.


Thus, the reason why the 2-way O/U betting option with a .5 predetermined number cannot have their bets pushed is pretty obvious and that is because you cannot score half a goal. So, if you take the Total Goals Over/Under 2.5 Betting option as an example, then the following will be the cases:

Case 1: Over 2.5 = Needs 3 or more than 3 total goals to win

Case 2: Under 2.5 = Needs 2, 1, or 0 total goals to win

In the above cases, the middle number is 2.5, and since it is not possible to score half a goal, there can’t be an exact score. And thus, in these cases there is no refund, you either win or lose the bet.

Overview of 3 case scenarios in 3-way O/U bets

With this, we are left with the last question and that is what happens if the Over/Under is exact in 3-way O/U bets. For this, let us look closer at the 3 examples below. Here, you will get an idea of what will happen if you bet on any of the three sub-betting options in the 3-way O/U bets and also how the betting odds help in such cases. Use budget-friendly W88 Promotion bonus offers to play sports betting on 3-way O/U betting options.

Betting Odds: 1.32Betting Odds: 8.80Betting Odds: 4.45
Betting Stake: RM5Betting Stake: RM5Betting Stake: RM5
If Won: Payout of RMIf Won: Payout of RM44.00If Won: Payout of RM22.25
If Lost: Betting stake is lostIf Lost: Betting Stake is lostIf Lost: Betting stake is lost

As you can see, the higher the betting odds the more payout you will receive, but what is more important to understand is that, since Exact Score is a proper and fixed sub-betting option in 3-Way O/U bets, you will either win or lose your betting depending on the total score. But if it is a 2-Way O/U betting option, and exact score is not a fixed sub-betting option, there is a possibility of you winning your betting stake back if there are no decimal .5 predetermined total goals.


With this, we conclude the article on What Happens if the Over/Under is Exact with an overview and explanation of the Over/Under betting option in sports using examples from its 2-way and 3-way variant. As a goodbye tip, we recommend using a good online betting site and sportsbook that gives you proper payouts or refund when it comes to such betting options. To know more about sports betting options, you can surf the W88you website as we offer such simple explanations for beginners in the sports betting world online.

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