4 Best blackjack winning strategies – Bet & get 95% wins

Looking for blackjack winning strategies? Read and apply a blackjack strategy or two for your gaming now! Scroll on, W88you would help you get up to 95% wins!

The best blackjack strategies to win

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4 Best blackjack winning strategies - Bet & get 95% wins

There are 4 best blackjack strategies to win in this article. These blackjack winning strategies below are proven and tested through time and can be applied for both traditional and virtual casinos. So what are you waiting for? Look down now!

1. Basic blackjack strategy is going back to basics

There is not much secret in Blackjack gaming, but to have a good eye when it comes to strategy. A blackjack gambling strategy should apply with focus and persistence in learning the fundamentals of Blackjack.

4 Best blackjack winning strategies - Bet & get 95% wins

Inevitably, most players do not have the consistency and skill to beat the dealer. However, learning the game properly such as knowing the basics increase your chances of winning. This basic blackjack strategy seems simple, but it works all the time.

Go back to the basics—it is worth the time investment. Proven and tested up to 95% wins! Many players are able to narrow the house advantage with this blackjack gambling strategy, so apply this whether a beginner or not.

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2. Avoid the Third-Base seating

Seating comfortably whenever you want is encouraged when playing blackjack. However, another blackjack gambling strategy you should learn is to avoid third-base seating. 

4 Best blackjack winning strategies - Bet & get 95% wins

The first person the dealer draws is the far right of the table. While when a new player is on third base, they will be the last to play before the dealer. So, be sure to stay away from the last seat to the left at the betting table to get better and fresher cards.

Whether you are playing in the actual live casino or online casino, try your best not to be seated in this base. Seat in the first preferably or in the second to the middle instead. Most studies say this is a secret blackjack strategy for players. And most likely, you could win better up to 95% through this.

3. Watch and learn from your opponents

If you are looking for blackjack winning strategies, you must expand your learnings in any way you can. When you know the basic blackjack strategies to win, it is now time to further your tactics through watching tutorials or observing other players’ 21 games.

4 Best blackjack winning strategies - Bet & get 95% wins

It is proven and tested that each player should form its own blackjack strategies to win. But! It would not hurt to observe games from other players as part of your blackjack winning strategies. Doing this would most likely high up your games much to 95%.

Like what people say in life, you must learn from your mistakes. However, you have to remember to learn not just from your own, but also through others too. By this observation blackjack strategy, you can apply new blackjack winning strategies and avoid whatever is needed.

4. Try the Card-Counting blackjack gambling strategy

You must have heard the card-counting blackjack strategy already. Of course, because this blackjack gambling strategy works a lot! This is one of the proven blackjack strategies to win up to 95% ever since! Ever tired blackjack 21 – online blackjack multiplayer casino? If not try now & gamble with your friends at W88.

4 Best blackjack winning strategies - Bet & get 95% wins

When it comes to counting cards though, a common misconception people tend to believe is that counters memorize every card in the deck. Aside from tracking the concentration of 10s and aces, card counting is operated with the use of a plus-and-minus system. 

It is usually more favorable for those with bigger bankrolls rather than flat betting (placing the same amount of bet in every hand). So assigning values to certain cards and adding one to 3s, 4s, 5s, and 6s and subtracting one to 10s, jacks, queens, and kings is the initial step. 

The next step for successful blackjack winning strategies is to ensure that neutrality applies to all other cards throughout the game. Every time a 3 through 6 is dealt, add one to the count. Then, subtract one every time a 10-value card is dealt.

4 Best blackjack winning strategies - Bet & get 95% wins

The total result is called the running count. The final step is to make proper adjustments of the bet to the count. Though this blackjack strategy is kinda pro, you can still learn this through time. Practice blackjack strategies to win!

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Blackjack strategies to win and play at W88

With its certain level of precision, Blackjack is indeed a game worth spending your time and money on. Blackjack is far less complex but with proper exposure, practice, persistence, and of course blackjack winning strategies, anyone can become a better and more informed player!

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