13 Coffee Artists that Failed to Meet the Bare Minimum

One universal thing that people truly have in common wherever one may go or come from will have to be coffee. Coffee is a drink that many people from all over the world and in various cultures enjoy. There are even certain types of cultures and places that have their own brew of coffee that makes the drink quite the signature.

Coffee and latte art has been one popular aesthetic people enjoy wherever they end up on the map. The coffee industry has been growing in popularity with several communities that bring about a strong demand for coffee artistry and artisanal coffee themed shops.

The aesthetic in creating something visually appealing in something that already tastes great is a plus, but trying to waste milk on the coffee itself making it look like a waste is definitely a minus. Below are thirteen bizarre coffee art that baristas failed to embellish.

13 Sad Excuses for What We Call “Coffee Art”

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A smiley face that just looks half blind and creepy…

A rather different take on what we know as the sun?

Smiley face or mustache?

When the aesthetic of the drink slowly floats away…

A deformed Mama Mary or Mona Lisa?

A blob of milk that is suppose to be a spoon?

Some sort of lion?

I don’t even know how to start…

The infamous coffee art that didn’t exactly end up the way it’s supposed to…

I don’t know if this is impressive or creepy…

This mess you call a girl…

The infamous leaf art that only a subtle few can perfect…obviously.

A black llama? Giraffe? Alpaca? Who knows at this point?!

Coffee Art: Yay or Nay?

Getting the best of your money’s worth when buying coffee is always important. No matter how good the coffee is, the presentation is still key to getting a 5-star rating. The images above are examples of what not to find in an artisanal coffee shop. Keep it real and simple and get yourself good coffee; with or without the art.

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