12 Memes on Climate Change and Deniers that Continue Harming the Planet

In a time where the weather is constantly changing, polar ice caps are melting, hail storms are popping in and out of nowhere, and animals are continuously going into extinction, it’s hard to deny climate change’s existence. Planet earth is slowly dissipating in its very existence which many people are aware of and are actively trying to solve by making lifestyle changes and fighting other issues attached to the climate change issue as a whole. Some of which include waste management, deforestation, global warming, as well as natural disasters among many other supplementary global issues.

The US government, one of the most powerful nations and economies in the world, happens to be the number one carbon emitter, and recently pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement no thanks to the current US administration. President Donald J. Trump and his Republican subordinates have made headlines for denying climate change and continuously halting environmentally scarring policies that put Mother Earth in a dangerous place. The perils of climate change are slowly being felt by animals and humans in various parts of the world, and doing nothing, living in denial of it will definitely not help anyone. Below are a few memes that describe the perils of having to deal with climate change deniers.

12 Climate Change Memes that Will Have You Scratching Your Head

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Telling older people about climate change be like….

That one friend who can’t go a day without making a joke

That professor who couldn’t help but snap on that one annoying student in class…

The sarcastic friend who made the joke into a serious argument…

The Vice President of the United States, ladies, and gentlemen

The US President is enough solid proof that climate change exists

The irony that is American Republicans…

First world problems, am I right?

1 in 3 fuck boys…

The real hoax lies in Trump’s administration itself

If this doesn’t convince you enough, I don’t know what will….

Climate change is no joke, but those who deny it are

Moving forward to solve or alleviate potential causes and triggers of climate change is not a one-man job. It takes many people making individual and collective efforts to fight climate change if we want to make it to the next century. Stop denying something that presents itself as an overlaying issue in all aspects of life. It’s time to take responsibility, make lifestyle changes, from the modes of transportation we take, the food we eat, and the companies we work for, there’s no more excuse to change what needs changing.

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