10 Types of Makeup Junkies We All Know

Makeup has evolved throughout the years from tools that accentuate the face, to a completely new art form. There’s a huge sense of demand when it comes to makeup as it is a $532 billion industry that continues to rule retail. Women and men are both constantly catching up with the ongoing and drastically changing makeup trends, thus furthering the $532 billion dollar industry. However, the makeup hype is one that will not be going away anytime soon. Below are a few memes that describe what makeup enthusiasts and addicts are really like.

Memes on what makeup addiction is really like

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That one friend who will take free makeup from anywhere

That one friend who is always late because of her makeup routine

The one friend who can’t do makeup but still tries and wastes product instead

The friend who is addicted to highlighters

The one friend who will throw a fit after a wasted look

The one friend who loves to try new looks…

The one friend who never goes out without makeup

The one friend who always judges your makeup

That one friend who cannot properly function when a full face is on

That one friend who never goes with a “no-makeup look”

Makeup or Made up?

The illusion of artificial beauty is one that many cannot escape. The beauty industry is difficult to combat as it will continue to promote makeup as a necessity. However, addiction to buying makeup is real and manageable. Find the right look for you and stick to classic products that highlight your features. Embrace your real look and try ways to keep things minimal, aesthetically and financially.

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