10 Astrology Memes that Poke Fun of the Stars

Many young people have been relying on the stars and planets to dictate the trajectory of their lives lately. The fad behind the pseudoscience that is astrology has become quite the intrigue amongst many millennials and Generation Z-ers. Words like horoscopes, retrograde, moon signs and other astrological jargon have become the internet’s third language next to GIFs and memes itself. This begs the question, what is astrology?

Astrology, in essence, is the pseudoscience that claims the intersection and rationale behind people’s affairs and terrestrial events by means of the movements and positions of the planets. This form of pseudoscience has been a topic of hot debate throughout the years, with many believers and non-believers going head to head on whether being a Gemini has something to do with someone’s sister being conned at a wedding. There’s much interest to it and enough intrigue to make the internet go crazy over something completely uncertain for a concept. Below are a few memes to describe what astrology and “Astro-hoes” online sound like to the average person.

10 Astrology Memes that Will Make You Question Life

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When the planets are back to its normal rotation

When you’re a real-life believer talking to non-believers

Dating millennial girls be like…

Palm and natal chart readers are cringing….

When you let the stars decide how the rest of your relationship will go…

Incompatible signs though…

When April comes around…

Guys who date astrology believers be like….

Stalking online is a thing of the past now

Amateur astrologers…

Astrology Exists for a Reason

Many people find it bizarre how others believe in the pseudoscience of astrology. Although there may not be any science to the whole concept, it’s still a way of life people have adopted as a way of guidance. There’s a huge sense of comfort many millennials find in astrology and despite many non-believers poking fun at it, the best way to understand them is to simply just let them be. Besides, the whole point of astrology is to understand ourselves better, right?

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