The Neymar and Vinicius Jr Exchange: PSG’ New Transfer Catch

The most interesting transfer ploy has been named, and it is between PSG and Real Madrid. Thomas Tuchel’s team demands that Real Madrid hand over Vinicus Jr. to the French team if they wish to sign over their biggest asset, Brazilian football superstar, Neymar. Real Madrid has expressed their keen interest in the 27-year-old, especially more so now that the European transfer window closes come 2nd of September.

However, similar to their rivals, Barcelona the club is actually not in the position to sign the Brazilian forward as his fee is something the team cannot afford without including one or more players as makeweights.

Vinicius, a fellow Brazilian footballer who plays for forwarding at Real Madrid is a youngster that has impressed folks on and off the field. The 19-year-old talent arrived at Bernebeu from Flamengo just last year and managed to accumulate 4 goals in 31 appearances during his debut campaign in the Spanish club. Conflict arises as the Real state in the past they Vinicius will not be made available as a part-exchange deal for Neymar, but with just less than a week left to finalize a deal, it’s looking like Neymar will be staying put for at least until January of 2020.

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