Spanish manager Robert Moreno holds back on letting Barcelona’s Ansu Fati

The 16-year left-wing star in Barcelona happens to also play for the Spanish national team. Fate, who was born in Guinea-Bissau is the youngest footballer to play at Barcelona and also to make an appearance in the Champions League this season. The young footballer has not been subtle on the field and has become force people are starting to notice, including Spain’s manager Robert Moreno who said that the kid has a chance to make it to next summer’s European Championship.

“I’m not ruling out the fact that he could play at Euro 2020. It would be foolish to say that he will not go,” Moreno told a press conference as reported by Marca. He has broken the system in terms of players in specific age groups. Hopefully, he can help the under-21s with qualifying. Spain has a perfect record in qualifying, including a 2-1 win over Norway in the first round of fixtures in March.” Moreno said of the 16-year-old kid wonder.

Qualifying into the semis and finals has been a record streak for Spain which entailed a 2-1 victory over Norway in the first round of March fixtures, prompting their impressive demeanor of Moreno’s men. When asked about their Norway victory, Moreno said, “The defense was very good, in addition, we created more than Sweden and it is good on the field against a good team. I hope we can build on that while hopefully becoming more efficient so that we can score some goals.”

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