Gianluigi Buffon Eager to End Trophy-Laden Career with Champions League Victory

Finishing strong and with a winning trophy from the Champions League is all that Gianluigi Buffon wants from his last season at Juventus. The 41-year-old veteran player has proven to be Juventus’ best players in the last few years and as he wishes to leave Juventus, he would only rather do it with a big finish. Buffon left Juventus to play for PSG last summer for one last chance to get a taste of that Champions League victory prior to returning to Juventus in July.

When asked why he wanted to retire in such particular conditions, Buffon said, “I come from a sporting family, so I learned early on the importance of constant improvement, perennial lack of satisfaction. I don’t feel that I’ve given all I can, not the full 100 percent. Maybe I am missing that 15 percent I need for the grand finale of this career.”

The veteran player has made two appearances for Maurizio Sarri’s team and also shared the great experience he had with working alongside Cristiano Ronaldo in and out of the dressing room. “Look at this son of a…’ If you can’t beat’em, you join ’em! I must say, Cristiano is really a nice guy to be around, we spend a long time discussing and preparing things, he interacts with his teammates. He has been a pleasant surprise.” Buffon adds.

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