Lionel Scaloni Reveals City Striker Sergio Aurero’s Real Fitness Status

The manager of Argentina’s national team, Lionel Scaloni recently confirmed that one of his national players, Sergio Aurero who happens to be a player for Manchester City is not 100% fit to play in the leagues. The 31-year-old was talked about Pep Guardiola, City’s sitting manager in his book. His new book, “Pep’s City: The Making of a Superteam” reveals that Guardiola himself planned dinner as a way to plan Aguero’s playing scheme and tactical style on the field.

The work team effort of the player’s performance is one that Guardiola and Scaloni are keen on when it comes to Sergio Aurero’s potential. However, Scaloni does not deny that the player is currently not in his best form as of late and that he has been carrying a knock in the last few games. “Sergio Aguero is not here because he’s been carrying a problem and has not been training 100 percent with his club”, Scaloni adds.”

When asked by The Sun, the Argentinian national merely commented, “Pep asked me to try a new way of playing and I had to adapt. It wasn’t easy but I had no choice. My game is totally different now from what I was doing five years ago at City. A total transformation. At that meal, we talked about loads of things.”

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