9 Memes on What Getting Sick is like

There are days when you just wake up and you’re weak and phlegmy. That’s never a good combination, whether you caught the flu from someone at work, got a fever because your body is telling you to slow down, it’s never a good day to give in to physical exhaustion. Taking it easy and resting is always key and no matter how much we try, sometimes the healing process can be quite the drag. Below are some memes on what getting sick is really like, courtesy of those you’ve come across at least once in your life.

The kind of sick people you’ve encountered online and at work

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The one colleague who wouldn’t get over who caused the flu

The pie chart of how all sick people behave

When medicine seems useless

When that one colleague stats to sneeze incessantly…

Questioning modern medicine like…

The one who’s been on bed rest for too long…

The one who’s fell into the WEB MD trap

Your little sister who thought she could handle anything

When this is all you want to say to your HR

Listen to your body, take it easy!

Getting sick is never fun and having to walk around the house or even at work with a bunch of tissues can be a drag. Sometimes the best way to combat this, well, aside from antibiotics, hydration, and rest, is to just slow it down. There are times we work our bodies way too much beyond its limit and forget how human we actually are. So lighten up, find your remedy and just take it easy during your sick days off.

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