10 Metaphors Applicable to Your Life

There is a great deal of familiarity when it comes to ironic things we see and encounter in everyday life which may even resemble to our own. Most of the time, it can be seen on the streets anda at the most random times which are usually ironic, hilarious, and witty at the same time. The following are some images that are metaphorical in nature.

Are any of this relatable to your life?

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1. For those witty yet lazy people who refuse to clean their bowls. This is a golden idea and a nifty one at that, actually.

ridiculous12. There’s such a thing as practicality and this poor ATM construction is an example of what impracticality looks like.

ridiculous23. Being a student is hard especially when you’re in grade school. I mean look how tired this kid is? He doesn’t even bother to hold his drink anymore. This is what complete surrender looks like.

ridiculous44. Living on the edge has never been so real for this dog. Something we humans tend to forget.

ridiculous45. This wild one is an accurate depiction of what a typical unemployed millennial stuck at home looks like.

ridiculous56. I guess in the end the cat really did get the fish out of the water.


7. When you can’t be a responsible adult today…


8. When procrastination wins over reality


9. Things are never that simple


10. When you can’t function without internet


The Silver Lining 

These images may have or may have not made you laugh but it is for sure that these images are accurate and relatable depictions of how our lives may sometimes turn to be. Everything is temporary and this too shall pass, which is something we can count on in the series of unfortunate events that may or may not occur in our lives. So there’s that one silver lining.

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