Tottenham 4-Year Contract with Moussa Sissoko

French midfielder Moussa Sissoko has reportedly signed with Tottenham Hotspurs and scored a remarkable contract renewal until 2023. When asked about the renewal, the 30-year-old French midfielder says, “I’m very proud to sign a new deal with the club – that means the club believes in me and they’re happy with what I’m doing, so hopefully I can give my best to the club for a long time and hopefully we can get some trophies all together.”

Sissoko also shares his sentiments on his coach Mauricio Pochettino and his belief in his leadership skills. “If I can help new signings and even some players who have been at the club a long time, I’m trying to do it. It will be helpful for everyone. If I can give them some advice it will be no problem with me. I was young as well so I had advice from other players.” Sissoko adds.

The French footballer joined Tottenham back in the summer of 2016 and has since appeared 132 times in Tottenham’s matches and friendlies. He has also managed to start at all six of the team’s games in the last season.

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