10 Memes on the Struggles of Back Pain

Pain from excessive movement or muscle strains is common body issues people go through on the daily. Lowe back pain is not something that just pops up when we’re in our sixties, it develops over time and when we’re sitting in our desk job 8 hours a day, the stakes are higher for young people. Thus, it’s not surprising that young people are continuously experiencing back pain in their youth. Below are a few memes that are just way too relatable for those who are always taken by their backs.

10 Back Pain Memes that are Relatable for Old and Young People Alike

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Sexually active men in their twenties

When you can finally relate with your grandparents

When your twenties start to become real

The never-ending doom

Wisdom from our elders

The death of millennials: Sedentary office jobs

Even famous people have back pains, I reckon?

Doctors who further exploit your pain <

All your friends sitting down at a house party

Those at senior management

No One is Spared

Lower back pain is something everyone experiences in their lifetime. Whether you’re a kid who pulled a muscle during soccer practice, or a twenty-five-year-old data analyst who stares at their computer all day, no one is exempt from our bodies telling us we are doing something wrong. Getting massages and going to the chiropractor are viable ways to ease the pain, so is yoga and stretching exercises, but always keep in mind the need to pay attention to your body, especially your back!

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