Real Madrid Holds Top European Cup Spot for A Thousand Consecutive Days

Maintenance is key when it comes to consistency in performance, especially in the football and sports industry. Since Real Madrid’s win on May 2016 and acquiring a Champions League trophy, all eyes have been on Santiago Solari’s team in terms of sustaining the title. Last Friday marked the achievement of maintaining the European Cup slot making Real Madrid a 1000 day holder of the title, European champion.

Sergio Ramos and his teammates have won the cup for the last three seasons and have remained firmly in the quest to attain another title holder the fourth time around. ‘1000 days as king of Europe’ was plastered on a Spanish newspaper’s headline trademarking the victory of the country’s finest football club.

Real Madrid has long established their fire and ferocity as a team when they beat their rivals Atletico Madrid on penalties in 2016 final in Milan. In 2017, they retained their historic achievement of retaining the Champions League victors when they won over Juventus 4-1 at Cardiff’s Principality Stadium. Real has an accumulated total of 33 Champions League games as champions.  With 23 wins, 5 wins, and 5 losses, 85 overall goals as European champions, conceding 40.

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