Iconic 7-2 Champions League Match Thanks to former Gunner Serge Gnabry

24-year-old German winger for Bayern Munich made a remarkable and show-stopping return to the match against Tottenham Spurs, his former team. Gnabry managed to steal the headlines and scored a remarkable four goals during the second half match in his former home court. Bayern Munich took home the victory in a legendary Champions League match with a 7-2 score on the final, despite the team having to go 1-0 down after just 12 minutes in north London.

Hector Bellerin and Ian Wright, two of Gnabry’s former mates from Arsenal camp led the online wave of praises for the young football star. Ballerin, a 24-year-old who plays right back and wing-back for the Gunners rose to fame back at the academy at Arsenal alongside Gnabry and took to social media light and fun teasing of his friend saying, “@SergeGnabry joke man”  with four laughing face emojis that followed.


The whole internet blew up seeing Gnabry’s impressive four-goal mark with fans tweeting their longing for the player to come back to Tottenham. One person even tweeted, “Gnabry please come back” and another expressing some low key shade yet praise, “3 years too late but Serge Gnabry has finally become an Arsenal legend. #bbcfootball.”

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