Hannes Wolf forgone by Stuttgart Post Scalke Defeat

Verein für Bewegungsspiele Stuttgart (VfB Stuttgart) decides to dismiss the team’s coach Hannes Wolf. This took place due to the team’s 2-0 loss from Schalke, affecting their relegation spot in Bundesliga.

Last season’s promotion was in the hands of the club bosses, along with football Coach Hannes Wolf. The officials along with Wolf met up after the game and came to an agreement. According to Stuttgart, inherent change must be in place to escape the possibility of relegation.

Placing 15th on 20 points, three above the relegation playoff spot after gaining 6 losses out of 7 league games; indeed the 2007 Bundesliga champions are definitely on the rocks.

Sports director Michael Reschke stated that in spite of several unfavorable situations, certain decisions have to be made and cannot be turned around. A new muscle is necessary in order to gain more success throughout the season.

Wolf’s entrance in leading VfB Stuttgart to championship began in September of 2016 where an immediate promotion in his first season of coaching took effect. Stuttgart plans to announce a successor in the next few days.

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