12 Memes Anyone in a Long Distance Relationship Will Understand

Couples who are in a solid relationship know that distance can make the heart grow fonder. The need to see, feel and be with your significant other is essential in making a relationship grow. Long distance relationships often have a negative connotation attached to it, due to the fact that being away from a person you love is without a doubt difficult.

Most of the time, two people in love grow apart with all the distance but other times, the relationship grows stronger and intact in time. The following are memes very much relatable to couples in a long distance relationship.

12 Relatable LDR Memes

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When Skype or FaceTime dates become constant in your daily routine

When satisfying each other’s sexual appetite is a struggle

Multi-tasking while talking on the phone

You can love one another even when you’re apart

When people are looking for your significant other in gatherings

Even if you live in the same country, you can be so close yet so far

One of the hardest challenges every couple will have to face

Fighting when you’re apart is never the same

Being fully dressed becomes unnecessary during Skype dates or FaceTime

That constant wave of loneliness that hits you

When timing is a pain in the ass

It’s the effort that always counts

Distance makes the heart grow fonder as they say

In spite the struggle of being together physically, the willpower and faith in making your relationship work is what counts most. Being apart is just a temporary struggle for most people so if you’re in an LDR, keep pushing through and making yourself present in your significant other’s life, your time together will come.

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