Fernando Llorante Just Wants to Shine in His Own Light  

Following Harry Kane leaving Tottenham, his understudy Fernando Llorente is sad the English team’s team captain is leaving but admits he is also quite pressured to perform just as well. Kane definitely raised the bar, with a World Cup Golden Boot winner and just left quite the difficult job with Llorente. Llorente is far from backing away from a challenge and promises to score copiously for Tottenham.

Llorente came from Swansea and moved to play with the Spurs at a rate of £15 million last season. Despite Chelsea showing some interest on Llorente, he decided to start strong with Kane in Tottenham, leading to a scoring twice during Tottenham’s US opening tour. It was a 4-1 victory over Roma and was exactly the way he wanted to make his first impression.

“It’s not easy but I know the situation. Harry is an unbelievable player and he wants to play and always score two or three. It’s good for the team and I only have to be ready when my opportunity is coming.” Fernando Llorante adds.

He is confident that a full pre-season can have a great impact on his cause, since he did begin last season with an injured arm. “When I don’t play games, it’s difficult to be fit but I kept working every day to stay fit and now I am trying to get an opportunity to play games in pre-season. I feel very good.”

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