Delia Smith Celebrates Man City’s Win and Invites Recruitment Chief to Thank You Dinner

Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones celebrated their prestigious victory against Manchester City which landed a 3-2 win for Daniel Farke’s side. Norwich City went the extra mile and invited the club’s head of recruitment along with his wife for dinner at their home post-victory from City. Smith and Wynn-Jones’ starting lineup cost just £6.45 million to assemble in contrast to Manchester City’s which was up to a whopping £ 406.1 million.

The 22-year-old midfielder for Norwich City was one of the team’s best signings which Kieran Scott was solely responsible for, along with Teemu Pukki who came on to the team via free transfer. The team’s collective hard work and success was obviously contributed by the manager and the players themselves, but it’s hard to deny that Kieran Scott had no part in it.

For quite a while now, Scott took over Norwich’s recruitment department since May of 2017 and has since brought in the likes of Kenny McLean and Pukki who have been great assets to Norwich City. Kenny McLean was signed to the club for just £200,000, while Pukki managed to bring home 6 impressive goals in the top flight of the season. It’s no surprise that a “thank you for your service” dinner is the least Smith and Wynn-Jones could offer the lad.

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