£30 Million Celtic Transfer for David Turnbull Dubbed Official after First Attempt Failed

It looks like Celtic made an immediate U-turn towards young Scottish player, David Turnbull on their transfer deal. The 19-year-old midfielder was set to accept a four-year transfer deal with Celtic F.C. but suddenly decided to back out from the deal with Turnbull due to unaligned terms and conditions in the contract.

According to Football Scottland, Celtic FC played a huge part in the delay and drama behind the transfer to Parkhead. Danny Mille, former Leeds defender, and current BBC Radio 5 Live pundit share his opinion on the whole transfer saga.

“This kind of thing actually happens a lot but doesn’t usually come out publicly. There would have been promises made by Celtic to Turnbull and he would have been told certain things. He then turns up to sign, finds the goalposts have been moved and he has obviously said, ‘I’m not signing for you’. It becomes a very high stake game of poker and it’s a matter of who blinks first.” Mills says.

Norwich City then stepped in and had discussions on his future with the newcomers in the Premier League. The team managed to match the £3 million deal with the Fir Park. However, last-minute talks between Peter Lawwell, the CEO of Celtic and Turnbull’s agent, revealing the 19-year-old’s final decision to serve Celtic for another four years.

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