6 Memes on What Girls Say During Cuffing Season

The rain plays a huge factor in suspending productivity. The cold and breezy weather often gets the best of us and brings out the laziest qualities of a person, but can you blame us? The cold makes us just want to lay around and nap all day, preferably cuddle with someone warm. The ladies can’t even deny how easily cold we get and finding someone or something to cuddle with is key! Here are some memes that describe what everyone thinks when they cuddle with someone during the cuffing season.

6 Types of Cuddlers You Meet When Dating

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Your ex who has made your arm perpetually numb at night

your single girlfriends by choice

Your single guy friends

Those couples who are serious about cuddling and Netflix +chill

Your friends who are pet parents

And of course, the couples who only pretend to cuddle prior to coitus

Cuddle Weather: Boyfriends Beware

The wet or winter season doesn’t just make being productive hard, it makes lounging around so much easier, and with that comes cuffing season and the constant search for a cuddle buddy. There are several types of cuddle buddies and hopefully, you’re one that knows how to do the classic “hug and roll” by the end of the night.

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