W88 Advisory: Under Maintenance to Improve Quality of Service for W88 Members

There’s been a number of fans and players wondering why the w88 website is down and has been messaging customer service at w88 why they are currently under maintenance. The w88 home page is currently inaccessible and has been visited by more people than usual due to the COVID-19 home quarantine period implemented all over the world.


The admin of w88you has extended the courtesy and messaged customer service via w88 live chat for more clarity and they have confirmed that the site is under maintenance until further notice for a better quality upgrade. W88 is keen on providing players and aspiring members a better quality of service in terms of interface, layout, and the variety of games that many players are usually playing. They have ensured that all games and products will be available once the upgrade and maintenance are completed for players’ utmost convenience.

This effort to occupy more players due to the traffic of new aspiring members in this time where an outbreak is keeping everyone indoors is humbling and overwhelming at the same time. Thus, the w88 house has temporarily suspended all activity to get everything up and running in time to accommodate more players and the efficiency of all products to serve the players putting in their time and money in Malaysia’s number one online gambling website.

Stay Patient, stay indoors, W88 will be Right Back

Ensuring the customers and players get to access all games with no lagging and with higher resolution is the main goal of this maintenance and hopefully, with w88’s credibility to provide safe and secure gaming online, players will remain patient and await its return.

Usually, maintenance work takes about 24 hours in w88, according to w88 admins’ experience. Best to check back by tomorrow, 14 April 2020 to see if W88 is up and running again. W88 advises everyone to stay indoors and remain productive and entertained in a crucial time a pandemic relies on flattening the curve, which is best done by staying positive and staying inside, rest assured, w88 will be up and at it, in no time.

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