10 Baking Memes Amateur Bakers during the COVID-19 Quarantine are Feeling

As many people remain indoors because of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are finding more ways to entertain themselves. Some of which is to try something they’ve never done before because they didn’t have time. Now that everyone has the time, learning a new skill suddenly became a must, thus the increasing number of failed baking attempts posted online.

Baking may seem amusing and easy when watching shows like MasterChef or the Great British Baking Show, but in reality, it requires a lot of patience and precision. Following directions and finding your grove when trying to make bread or cookies can be tough. Below are some laughable memes that explain this struggle for those trying to learn how to bake in quarantine.

Baking your way to the top?

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when there’s actually so much science in making cookies?

that one friend who knows she’s good at baking but denies it

waiting for bread to do its thing…

the pure ambition when you start your baking journey…

the sigh of exhaustion right after

then you start making Queen and baking puns

when your bank account can still support your failed hobby

when your friends support your baking journey from a far

when you run out of filling…

Finding your stride in the kitchen

There’s definitely nothing wrong with wanting to learn a new skill, just as much as failing on your first attempt. In these hard times, finding a way to amuse ourselves is a must and in no way, shape, or form of your output dictates the type of person you are during a quarantine. So, carry on and keep on trying until you get those perfect batch of cookies!

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