United’s Marco Rojo Shares Teammates Well Wielded Confidence Post Liverpool Draw

As Manchester United launches their Premier League campaign this season, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer’s team has managed to be a catalyst for a successful campaign. Prior to Liverpool’s matches against United, Jurgen Klopp’s men were only able to make a few points before drawing with United.

Marco Rojo, 29-year-old defender from United was given an edge at the beginning of the match against Liverpool which led to a few consecutive victories against Partizan and Norwich from United. After the draw, Rojo’s official statement to the website says, “It gave us much more drive and when we went on to get a good result away from home, I think it strengthened our belief and allowed the players to express themselves that bit more, meaning we went back to attacking in the way we usually do.”

Rojo’s clearly made up his mind and decided to retain his spot at United. The 29-year-old has appeared six times this campaign season and is much more confident to travel to Bournemouth this coming Saturday.

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