9 memes on what the internet really thinks of the new iPhone 11 Pro Max

It’s no surprise that Apple releases a new iPhone every year and to overcompensate as per usual, they released the controversial iPhone 11 Pro Max. The latest installment of the Apple iPhones have become rather popular online because of its bizarre camera upgrade. The new camera of the iPhone 11 Pro Max has three huge lenses on the upper right corner making it look similar to many random and fascinating objects as the memes below portray.

9 Laughable Memes on the iPhone 11 Pro Max that the Internet Blew Up

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The built in oven

Coconut or Apple?

More boba isn’t always better

Built-in fidget spinner?

Topnotch shaver?

The future is bleak

When old school phones have nothing on the new iPhone 11 Pro Max

Chocolate factory chic?

Star Wars is cringing

New is Always Better?

In light of Apple’s latest iPhone model, it’s necessary for non-techy people to understand that the iPhone 11 Pro Max is not made for everyone. For avid vloggers and digital nomads making use of smart phone technology to create more content, then maybe this new phone is for you. If you’re a simple gal or guy just trying to get their internet and social media needs met, then go crazy with your iPhone SE, besides, new doesn’t always have to be better, anyways.

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