PSG’s French forward Kylian Mbappe Lands with an Almost Injured Ankle During World Cup Training  

19-year-old Kylian Mbappe is training hard for the World Cup games and may have hustled too hard during practice sessions as he was tackled by Adil Rami. The fall almost caused him his ankle, forcing him out of training.

France National Team’s manager Didier Deschamps and his players were left with sweaty palms and nerves witnessing their star player and his almost injured ankle. Seeing the PSG player in pain must’ve been quite difficult for the team to see, as well as their fans that are all crossing their fingers no serious or follow up pains come for Mbappe.

Mbappe did fall down hard but reassured everyone he was fine. The 19-year-old played on loan for Paris Saint-Germain all the way from Monaco. With a supposed £168million move, it would be a great shame if the power player fell off the grid this early on because of an ankle injury.

As medics came to Mbappe’s rescue, he was asked to leave the field and forced off in a limp. Strapping from his left ankle was later seen on the player as he tries to soldier thru the pain. French fans and football fans all over the world have been utmostly worried for the player’s playing capacity in time for the World Cup, but Mbappe took it to Twitter to ease the worries of his supporters. He tweeted “I’m fine. It’s just a hit so it doesn’t matter but thanks. It was not nasty.”

Aside from this “false alarm”, Mbappe also suffered a knock out in a friendly match against the United States. The game ended on a 1-1 draw last Saturday.  The French attacker scored the leveler and asserted that his fall was nothing serious and shouldn’t be a cause of anyone’s worry.

The first official World Cup game of France is on Saturday, June 16 against Australia in Kazan. Peru and Denmark will be their next match competitors in Group C.

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