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W88 is the leading online gaming platform in Malaysia which thrives in providing users with the opportunity to play live casino games, slot games, and even bet on w88 sportsbooks. Online slots are one of the most visited games in w88 with stellar reviews on multiple games. With seven different clubs you can select to play in, w88 gives its players a variety of games to play from themes and payout options, there’s definitely one for every gamer.

Free Trial Slot Games at W88

Signing up for an account is, of course, the first step, but if you’re a skeptical beginner, w88 slots allow non-members to play for free without having to register for an account first. This gives potential players to get the most of what they look for in a slot game. Whether one is playing on a 3D game or a classic slot game, the chance of making a mistake without wasting your wager is a possibility.

Club Massimo, Palazzo, Bravado, Gallardo, Nuovo, Apollo, and Divino hold hundreds of games for every slots lover. Multiple slot games which hold storylines and movie themes are popular among users and continue to make slot gaming a number one leisure activity online. Below are three superb slot games any non-member can play before registering for an account.

Top 3 Free Trial Slot Games at W88 Anyone Can Play Today

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1. Lucky Bomber

New members at w88 will have an easy time navigating Lucky Bombers. The first step is to click on Play N’Go, and then proceed by playing a trial game. The page will then direct you to the game’s main page. On this page, you can see various slot games and themes. Scroll down the page and enter “Lucky Bomber” into the search bar to find the game. Click “Select” for the game, then click “Start Experience”.

The part shown at the bottom of the page is the information bar, where you can check the ID, total bet amount, winning amount, balance and time. The circle over the information bar is a spin button to play the game. Press the button to spin and play your heart away!

2. Fortune Dice

Make your way to the Slots page and select the gaming operator, Play N’Go, you will then be taken to the main page of Club Bravado and you will see a slot game with some themes that all members and non-members of W88 can see. Select the trial mode of Fortune Dice located somewhere in the first two rows. 

When you arrive at the main game page, you will see a slot layout similar to other games. The menu bar button is at the bottom left and the spin button to play the game is at the center-right. If you want to try and play it without money, you can click the spin button to check the reels and payout results all with play money.

3. Butterfly Staxx 2

Click on Netent in the second row of the slot menu to enter the main page, find the Butterfly Staxx 2 game, and click the “Start Experience” button. It’s located in the second line of the New Games and Popular Games tab on that page, and is visible to all members and non-members alike.

The slot game for new players with easy to play and simple rules is Butterfly Staxx 2. Click the “Start Experience” button to play the free game!

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Easy-peasy, Lemon Squeezy!

It is no doubt that slot machine games continue to be the easiest and fastest way to get money by spending money. With hundreds of various options, you will not be bored with just one game. Players can jump from one game to another without any hassle.

Online slot games make your virtual casino experience fun-filled with vibrant colors, interactive sounds and loud engaging themes that will surely keep you hooked. In W88, you are guaranteed this interactive casino experience. All you have to do is learn the basics and navigate your way into the world of slot games.

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