Malaysia’s Goal Keeper Farizal Marlias Confident towards Defeating Vietnam in the Second Leg  

After a 2-2 draw against Vietnam in Bukit Jalil Stadium, Harimau Malaya’s goalkeeper, Farizal Marlias still believes his team can defeat Vietnam since they have done it before. The confident 32-year-old footballer is optimistic in dominating the second leg of the Suzuki Cup final against Vietnam in My Dinh Stadium tomorrow, December 15.

Marlias says in an interview with New Straits Times; “Vietnam are strong in Hanoi, but we have won there in the past. In 2014, Malaysia lost at home but [we were able to] beat Vietnam in Hanoi to reach the final, so our dream of winning the title is still there.”

The match against Vietnam was held 4 years ago in the Shah Alam Stadium with a 4-2 victory in the away leg of the semifinal. The stakes are escalating for Malaysia, with the overflowing source of skill and dynamic in Vietnam’s team, along with the crippling pressure of a final match.

It just comes to show how much more hustle Harimau Malaya will have to do to overcome the Golden Dragons’ posing threat. The second leg of the final match against Vietnam will take place in Hanoi’s My Dinh Stadium tomorrow, December 15, Saturday.

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