Park Heong-seo Calls Antoine Hey on Disgraceful Comment

After the draw match of 0-0 between Vietnam and Myanmar in the Suzuki Cup, tensions remain high as Park Heong-seo refuses to shake Antoine Hey’s hand due to an insensitive comment. A clash between a Myanmar and Vietnamese player was what stirred the coaches into a hullabaloo. Antoine Hey calls out Nguyen Cong Phuong from Vietnam after a hard clash with Myanmar’s Aung Thu.

After the 0-0 draw, the South Korean purposely refused to shake Antoine Hey’s hand. This brought Hey to express his opinion on the coach’s actions on social media. He tweeted last Wednesday regarding Park Heong-seo’s “shameful and very unprofessional behavior.”

Park Heong-seo has then responded via statement regarding Hey’s tweet. “I know what Myanmar’s coach posted on social media. I appreciated and thank him for his advice. However, it is important that before criticizing or exhorting, you need to review your actions yourself.”

He then goes on to share his take on what really happened in the field. “In the match against Myanmar, there was a situation in which Cong Phuong made a challenge with the home player. In that situation, Myanmar coach said something to Cong Phuong and I think that was not correct.”

“I told him what he wanted to say to me, not to the players. But he ignored me and continued to concentrate on Cong Phuong. That’s why I did not shake his hand after the match.” The South Korean coach adds.

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