FIFA’s Season Extension Leads to Indefinite Transfer Window and Contract Extensions

COVID-19 continues to take over the world with an increasing number of cases in all seven continents. European countries like Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and England among others have had a consistent increase in positive cases of COVID-19. With many elite clubs residing in Europe, FIFA has announced that it will confirm an indefinite extension to the current 2019-2020 season.

The Athletic reports that the governing body of the football industry is up for date changes in this summer’s upcoming transfer window. This will be indefinitely be extended past the 30th of June due to the uncertainty the COVID-19 situation brings to the continent, and to the rest of the world.

Avoiding the Million Pound Fine?

In the next two days, more laid out plans will be addressed to the general public, some of which will include the fine details on how each country part of FIFA will decide how to conclude their seasons. However, despite several changes being made in various clubs and leagues, this season’s Premier League must come to an end or else clubs will be coerced to compensate broadcasters again a whopping £762 million, which many are trying to desperately avoid.

With this at hand, FIFA’s decision to extend the transfer window will provide some level of ease and flexibility in order to finish seasons, whenever it’s most possible, and whenever the global pandemic is curved.

Right now, the transfer window for the summer was set from June 10 to September 1, which will most likely begin in July with the rate of how the outbreak is going in England. In terms of players’ contracts, they will be allowed to extend in order for current players to finish their season beyond the original deadline on the 30th of June.

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