Crystal Palace Turns down Manchester United’s Offer to Aaron Wan-Bissaka Due to Slippery Slope in Contract

Manchester United and Aaron Wan-Bissaka were one deal away from joining Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s team until Crystal Palace pulls back on the deal due to a clause on the 21-year-old’s terms and conditions to join. The offer came in two offers the first at £45 million and £60 million but both have been rejected due to an additional £15 million in performance-related bonuses.

Palace assessed the offer to be of rather unrealistic and pulled out of the offer and considering the fact that United didn’t even place in Europe’s top competition next season, and only finished sixth in the Premier League. Manchester United has landed three championships in the Europe Championships once in 1968, 1999, and 2008, but in the last ten years, the team has been rather lackluster followed with inconsistencies and losses.

Wan-Bissaka is still off to London for a match on Monday between England and Croatia at the European Under 21 Championship in Italy. However, he will have to pull in the weight since England has already been eliminated after losing their first two group games against France and Romania.

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