Manchester United’s Manager Pulls in 2nd Recruit from Real Zaragoza, Mateo Mejia

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s quest to expand and better his team had him signing a new youngster in football, from Real Zaragoza. 16-year-old Mateo Mejia was offered £600,000 for the coming summer and will be doing a second signing after United welcomes new winger, Daniel James.

Solskjaer’s interest in Mejia is a statement actualized by the manager’s intent to progress through the club’s ranks. Although the first-team opportunity is far from close for the teenager, with his move to United, more opportunity to impress the big leagues is closer than ever in contrast to playing from Real Zaragoza.

Aside from Mejia, other players set for a move to United is Aaron Wan-Bissaka, from Cyrstal Palace. Wan-Bissaka has been another talent Manchester United’s manager was anticipating for a long time which will automatically move him along to the first-team, as part of his £55 million deal in Old Trafford in the next season.

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