Atletico Madrid Opts for James Rodriguez over Christian Eriksen

It looks like Diego Simeone’s team will be opting for Real Madrid midfielder James Rodriguez for the next season. Atletico Madrid reportedly chose Rodriguez over Tottenham’s midfielder, Christian Eriksen. The La Liga giants have been very particular but also desperate to sign the star player to feature for the next season alongside Joao Felix. This was a must after selling their French player Antoine Griemann to Barcelona.

Atletico has been looking into signing Rodriguez for a while now, studying the stats and numbers he could bring into the team over Eriksen’s game. The 28-year-old will be moving to Atletico Madrid in the summer with a cheaper option that cost the team £36 million. Dutch player Eriksen would’ve set the team back more with a bigger amount. The Columbian player will be reporting back to Real Madrid for pre-season training duties on the 29th of July after his post-Copa America holiday.

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