Ashley Young’s Lambasted by His Own Fans in Match against Barcelona

In a match between Manchester United and Barcelona last Wednesday, newly converted to a full-back for United, Ashley Young was shaded by his own fans after his disappointing performance in the game. The 33-year-old English footballer attempted 11 crosses but none of them met their intended target.

United supporters took their criticism to social media, with one supporter even saying “Watching that last night I’m amazed he was once a winger.” Another person tweeted “76,000 people could see it in the stadium, millions of fans around the world can see it.” Perhaps the most brutal tweet was “Ashley Young is finished at this level and is seriously holding us back. Please, please. Drop him. @ManUtd”

Young is on a one-year contract extension with the Red Devils on February but will l not be leaving Old Trafford anytime soon. The team has only accumulated one goal in the last five home games for the Champions League. They also suffered a loss to Barcelona in the final first leg, 1-0 as Luke Shaw diverted the ball into his own net, handing over victory to Barcelona.

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