Play Xoc Dia Game in Online Casino – Beginner’s Guide at W88

Play Xoc Dia Game Fluently in 3 Quick Steps & Win Real Money using 5 Gambling Tips. Join W88 to Play Xoc Dia Online with RM0.5 ONLY & Win a Free Credit of RM30.

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The best way to spend leisure time these days is to play some easy games online at a good online betting site which would help you be entertained as well as earn extra easy cash online. And nothing fits the above sentence well than playing the xoc dia game online at W88, one of Asia’s top online betting sites. So, if you are here you probably want to do the same to experience endless entertainment and here we are to help you achieve this with our easy tutorial on how to play xoc dia online.

Learn to Play the Xoc Dia Game by Understanding the Basics

Before we get into the real money gameplay of the xoc dia game online, let us first help you understand the basics of xoc dia live games online. As mentioned above, the xoc dia online game is one of the easiest games to play and win but this is only possible as long as you know the game rules and xoc dia online betting types thoroughly.


  • As you can see in the xoc dia game room online, the betting options are nicely laid out on the table which you will be using to place your bets.
  • There are in total 8 betting options, so, the objective of the game is to bet on the main betting options to predict the colors of the coin once the bowl is shaken and lifted.
  • To place bets, there are betting chips available, and all you must do is click on how much you want to stake and the betting option you want to bet on and confirm your bets before the 20-second timer ends.
  • Depending on your betting stake and the betting option’s odds, you will receive instant payouts in your gaming wallet.

The Bet Types in Xoc Dia Online Games You Must Know

Now, let us take a quick look at the betting options available in the W88 games xoc dia online game room so that you get a better understanding of these betting types to place accurate bets and high payouts every time. As mentioned above, there are 8 betting types in most xoc dia game rooms, all of which are equally fun to bet on.


  • 3+1 Color: The 3+1 color betting option is placed to predict that 3 out of four coins will have the same color and 1 out of 4 coins will have a different color. Here, you can place bets on whether the 3 same colored coins will be red or white via separate bets and the payout you will receive is 3.8 times your betting stake.
  • All Same Color: All same color bets are made to predict that all four coins in the dish have the same color, again, you can bet on the red or white via different bets, and the payout you will receive for it is the highest, which is 15 times your betting stake.
  • Big: Big bets are placed to predict that 3 or 4 out of 4 coins in the dish will reveal to be red in color. Betting on this betting option would give you a payout of 1.98 times your betting stake.
  • Small: Small bets are placed to predict that 3 or 4 out of 4 coins in the dish will reveal to be white in color. The payout you will receive for betting on this option will be 1.98 times your betting stake.
  • Even: Even bets are placed to predict that the outcome of the 4 coins in the dish is 2 red and 2 white coins or all white or red coins. Here, the payout you will receive will be 1.95 times your betting stake.
  • Odd: Odd bets are placed to predict that the outcome of the 4 coins in the dish is either 3 same color and 1 different color, which could be 1 white and 3 red or 3 white and 1 red coin. The payout you will receive here is 1.95 times your betting stake.

Play Xoc Dia Game at W88 in 3 Simple Steps

Now let us learn how to play the xoc dia game in one of the most amazing online gaming platforms you can find which is W88 by creating an account in the W88 Register. Follow this step-by-step procedure and you will get access to one of the best game rooms in the betting world to play xoc dia online.

Step 1: Log into W88 and Select Xoc Dia Game Room

  • The first thing that you must do is create an account at W88 by clicking on ‘Join’ from the top-right corner of the W88 official Website.
  • This will take you to the W88 registration form where you must enter your account details accurately. Not only this but you should ensure that you create a strong password and unique username which you will need to make a login.


  • Once this is done, you must click on ‘Login’ and then verify all of your account details to get the RM30 W88 Free Credit in your account.
  • After this, you must click on ‘Games’ and then find the ‘Xoc Dia’ game room and click on it. This will take you to a new W88 tab.

Step 2: Set Your Preferred Betting Limit to Access the Table

  • When you enter the Xoc Dia Game Room, you will notice how good the W88 game room graphics are which is applicable to almost all the game rooms you can find on the W88 official website.


  • Not only this but you will also notice that the Xoc Dia Online game room will ask you to select your preferred betting limit before you enter the table. Thus, this game room appeals to both high-rolling pros and beginners.
  • Here, as a beginner, it is important to select the lowest betting limit so that you can play more betting rounds online.

Step 3: Place Your Bets Wisely and Wait to Win Wholesome Payouts!

  • When you set your betting limit, you will immediately be taken to the xoc dia online table where you will be introduced to a virtual dealer.
  • You will also be introduced to the betting options on the table along with the betting chips you will have to stake to make a bet.


  • So first, you must click on the betting chip amount you want to stake and then click on your preferred betting option.
  • Once this is done, you must click on ‘Confirm’ to lock your bets in before the betting timer ends. Once done, the virtual dealer will reveal the results.

Real-Money Xoc Dia Game Play at W88 Online

To help you understand how to play the Xoc Dia Game Live Online in a better way, let us now show you 2-round W88 gameplay of the Xoc Dia game at one of the W88 game rooms. With this, you will have a better understanding of the gameplay which will help you place bets online and win fluently.

ROUND 1: Place your bets before the timer ends

  • The first round begins when the Xoc Dia live virtual dealer shakes the bowl containing the colorful coin and places it on the table. After this, you must place your bets on any of the betting options as shown above and confirm your bets before the 20-second timer ends.


  • Here, we have decided to place a bet on the Even betting option in the xoc dia live game. To lock our RM0.5 bet on the Even betting option, we have to confirm the bet by clicking on the button.

ROUND 2: Wait for the virtual dealer to reveal the results

  • Round 2 of the betting game begins as soon as the timer ends. Here, you must wait patiently as the virtual dealer opens the cover of the dish to reveal the outcome of the game. Here, we have 2 red coins and 2 white coins.


  • Since both the coins here are are equally 2 red and white, respectively, it is considered to be an Even Bet, which means that we have won the bet. Since the the betting odds of the Even bet is 1.95, we have received RM0.98 as the winning money.

Top 5 Gaming Tips to Win More Xoc Dia Game Rounds

Now that you have learnt about all you need to know as a beginner to play Xoc Dia online, let us help you understand how you can win the xoc dia online rounds you play with ease and to do so, you must follow out top 5 gaming tips to win more xoc dia game rounds online.


  1. Make Use of Bonus Promotions: Playing in Xoc Dia live game rooms can be fun and so it is important that you have enough real money in your online casino wallet. This is why we urge you to join W88 because the W88 Promotion Offers is the best place where you can get the best bonus offers in the betting world to boost your online gaming account with ease.
  2. Use an Easy-To-Use Game Room: The second this that you must pay attention to to win more betting rounds of the xoc dia game online is whether or not your online game room is easy to use and navigate. W88 offers a xoc dia live game room which is easy-to-use and appeals to both beginners and pros as you can set different betting limits and more.
  3. Observe the Game and Winning Bets: Next, you should make sure that you observe some xoc dia online game rounds before placing your bets as it will help you notice the betting options which are more likely to win. Additionally, you should also pay attention to the xoc dia game room’s previous winning bets data to place more accurate bets.
  4. Use Betting Systems to Maintain Betting Limits: The next gaming tip is useful for almost games online and that is to use betting systems which would help you maintain the betting limits you must set for yourself online. These betting systems will help you increase and decrease your bets according to your wins and losses so that you make more money but also get back the money that you lost in the previous betting rounds.
  5. Play in Moderation and Responsibly: Last but not least, it is important that you play the xoc dia game online with moderation as most live online games are addicting in nature and can cause major damage to your healthy habits. So, using these casino tips can help you win more xoc dia online betting rounds but it will also help you maintain responsibility when you place bets online. Doing so would make you a responsible gambler which is cooler than winning every gaming round online.


This was all about how to play the Xoc Dia game online using one of the best online betting sites in Malaysia which is W88. Using this xoc dia online tutorial you can go ahead and play the game at any live game rooms. However, choosing W88 would be a wise decision as you can claim RM30 on new account and play more xoc dia live games online. Remember to follow all the 5 pro gaming tips to play responsibly and prosperously. With this, we bid adieu and wish you good luck!

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