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What is Octopus Game?

Generation is moving towards virtual video games and they are emerging in enormous numbers. One of the most popular virtual online games with a virtual dealer is Octopus Game Online. The virtual dealer looks more like a skeleton in a black suit, rather than an octopus though. Three buttons with two different faced sides are rolled and online players are supposed to predict the faces that might appear on the buttons after shaking well.


Play this ever-growing online game at W88 with just RM01 in Malaysia. Keep reading to know how to play Octopus Game Online in 3 steps, watch real money gameplay examples, and learn rules and betting options. Join W88 today and claim absolutely free credit of RM30 without any deposit. Access W88 Games and play Octopus Game Online with a virtual dealer.

How to play Octopus Game Online at W88 – 3 Steps Instructions

Learn how to play Octopus Game Online in three simple steps at W88 and by W88you. Follow the points mentioned below to reach the Octopus Game Online gaming room and place a bet of a minimum of RM01
and a maximum of RM2,500.

Step 1: Visit W88 & Select Octopus Game under Games

  • Access the official gambling website of W88 Betting company to play Video games with the Virtual dealer, Octopus Game Online with the least betting limit of RM01 only. Click on the link or buttons given at the start of the article to visit the official website of W88 Malaysia.
  • Create your new account at W88 by clicking on ‘Join‘ now and claim W88 free credit of RM30 with no deposit. If you have created an account before, click on ‘Login‘ to access the W88 account.


  • There’s a menu bar below the W88 logo and sign-up buttons, locate and click on ‘Games‘ to see all the W88 Games online available for playing in the drop-down menu, which will appear on the screen as soon as your cursor goes to the button Games, given in the menubar.
  • Many games are listed in the drop-down menu, find and click on ‘Octopus Game‘ to play the game online and visit the gaming room that conducts the game. Octopus Game Online is presented by Gameplay Interactive with a minimum betting limit of RM1.

Step 2: Select the table as per your preference

  • Octopus Game Online offers multiple tables to play the game with different betting limits. We would recommend playing with the least betting limit to a beginner. Select the Gaming room as per your preference, minimum bet limit at Octopus Game Online is RM01 and the maximum bet stake is RM2,500.


  • We selected the gaming room with the least minimum betting limit, that is, RM01 to play Octopus Game Online at W88 Gaming Online. The maximum betting limit in this table is RM250. Hence, we choose Min 1 to Max 250 gaming rooms to play Octopus Game online at W88 Malaysia.
  • Keep in mind that this is the amount to place a bet, it has nothing to do with entering the gaming room. There’s no fee to enter the Octopus game and watch online at W88.

Step 3: Place a Bet of RM01 & Wait for the Results

  • Once you have selected the online gaming room, place your bets by selecting the betting chip and option. You will be redirected to a page where a virtual dealer is conducting the Octopus Game online at W88. Click on the numbered circular chip, given below and click on ‘Confirm’ to place the bets.


  • Select the betting option in the given time frame to place the bet before clicking on ‘Confirm‘ and then the virtual dealer will conduct the game for you. Three dice with 2 faces are shaken by the virtual dealer, one face of the dice will have a Pink diamond and another face will have a Green star.
  • The pink diamond represents the guard zone and the green star represents the player zone, online players have to predict which face of the dice will appear and place the bet accordingly. If the player predicted the right outcome, then he wins the bet and takes the payout amount accordingly.

5 Important Rules to Play Octopus Game Online

Before playing Octopus Game Online, there are some basic points and rules you must know to play Octopus Game Online nicely. Read the points mentioned below with all your focus to understand and implement them. Join W88, Claim W88 Promotion & Play Octopus Game Online with RM01 only.


  1. Buttons: Coins with two different sides, one side will have Pink Diamond and another side will have Green Star. Depending on the face that comes on the top, winners will be determined in Octopus Game.
    • Pink Diamond: Represents the Guard’s symbol. If two or more buttons have a Pink Diamond on top, then Guard Zone wins the round. Players have to predict how many faces will have Pink Diamond.
    • Green Star: Represents the player’s symbol. If two or more buttons have a Green star on top, then Player Zone wins the round. Players have to predict how many faces will have Green Star.
  2. Gameplay: Virtual dealer will share 3 buttons with two faces in the box and reveal the faces on top. Players are supposed to predict how many faces will have what face on top and which side will win, Guard or Player. There are 4 possibilities and 6 betting options to choose from to bet at Octopus Game Online.
  3. Betting time: Players will get 20 seconds to place a bet in Octopus Game Online and you can place a bet only in the given time frame. You can watch the Octopus Game Online for as long as you want, there’s no fee to enter the Octopus Gaming room. Hence, watch the game, observe the game, and place a bet.
  4. Betting limit: Minimum amount of real money you require in your W88 gaming wallet is RM1 to place a bet on Octopus Game Online once and the maximum amount is RM2,500. There are three tables with different betting limits, select the one you want to play in and place your bets as per your bankroll amount. Make a W88 Deposit before playing Octopus Game, minimum deposit amount at W88 is RM30.
  5. Betting option: There are four prominent betting options with different payout ratios and all of them are mentioned below. Betting types are based on zone and buttons. Guard Zone, Player Zone, 3 Same buttons on either side and 2 + 1 buttons are 6 betting options to place a bet in Octopus Game Online.

Betting Options & Odds in Octopus Game Online

Octopus Game Online provides four main betting options for online players and each of them is mentioned below. Betting options in Octopus Game Online depend on the face of the dice appearing on the top, continue reading the table to know more and understand the betting options better.


Sr. No.

Bet typePay-out





Guard Zone: 2 or more side shows Pink Diamond on top.
Player Zone: 2 or more side shows Green Star on top.


3 Buttons


All three buttons are either Pink Diamond or Green Star.


2 + 1 Buttons


Two out of three buttons revealed by the virtual dealer in Octopus Game Online are either Pink Diamond or Green Star.

Watch the Real Money Gameplay of Octopus Game Online

Watch Real Money Octopus Game Online to get a clear idea of how to play Octopus Game Online and double your money in 10 seconds. Join W88 Register today, verify your account and claim free credit of RM30. Access W88 Gaming online section to play Octopus Game Online with RM01 only.

Round 1: Place & Confirm your bets by selecting the Chip & Betting Option.

Once you reach the online gaming room of the Octopus game, a virtual dealer will be sitting in front of the table to conduct the game for you. Select the betting chip equal to the amount of money you want to bet and the betting type, and click on ‘confirm’ to place the bet. You will get 20 seconds to place a bet on the Octopus game.


  • We chose to Bet RM01 on Player Zone, which means if two or more dice showed Green Star on
    top, we will win the game. Otherwise, we will lose the game and wagered amount.
  • We selected a chip numbered 1 first and then we selected the betting option, Player Zone. Then
    we clicked on ‘Confirm’ to confirm our bets and play Octopus Game Online.

Round 2: Virtual dealer will conduct the Octopus Game Online at W88

The virtual dealer will shake the buttons in the box and reveals them to the players, whoever predicted the right outcome will win the money as per the payout ratio. One face of the button has a Pink diamond (the guard’s symbol) and the other face have a green star (the player’s symbol).


  • The result of the roll is Two Green stars & 1 Pink Diamond. Since Green Star is Player’s Zone, we predicted the right outcome and hence, we will get RM02 in return for our RM01 bet.


Octopus Game Online is neither a card game nor a dice game, it is a game of coins or buttons with two different faces and players have to predict what face will appear on how many buttons out of three coins. It’s one of the most popular non-card and non-dice games in Malaysia, conducted by Gameplay Interactive. Join W88 & claim free credit of RM30 in Malaysia. Play the Octopus Game online at W88 Games and have fun gambling time.

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