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Cara Main PokDeng | How to Play Pok Deng Card Game Online in 3 Simple Steps against Virtual Dealer at W88. Join Now & Win a Free Credit of RM30 on New Register.

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If you are a beginner gambler, then going for easy casino games like baccarat is easier, however, if you want to challenge your gaming skills, then you definitely must check out the pokdeng online game at W88, as it is one of those games which compiles rules from classic casino games and gives you an authentic virtual dealer experience where you can find and play games like poker and baccarat in one single game. So, let us look into a cara main pokdeng easy tutorial to help you try the game yourself.

Gameplay Rules of Cara Main Pokdeng Online

To understand cara main pokdeng online, it is important to get to know the rules of the game thoroughly. As mentioned above, learning how to play pok deng online is the best thing you can do as a beginner because the gameplay and rules are a combination of classic casino games like baccarat and poker.


  • Just like classic W88 games like Blackjack, the pokdeng game is played against the virtual dealer but like Poker, you will see other players sitting at the table too.
  • The objective of the game is to get a hand ranking higher than the virtual dealer or card points with an overall sum higher than their virtual dealer’s hand, except that there are certain rules under which a third card will be drawn automatically.
  • The Betting Round begins with you placing a bet on the seat you want to sit at on the table before the timer ends. The virtual dealer will then give you two cards, whose face values will be added.
  • Here, the face values of the card are the same as the numbers on them, however, the face cards have the value 11, 12, and 13. So the ranking of the cards is in the order: Ace/1 < 2 < 3 < 4 < 5 < 6 < 7 < 8 < 9 < 10 < Joker/11 < Queen/12 < King 13. However, this changes depending on the card rank as we will see below.
  • If the card sums up to more than the number 9, then the overall sum is subtracted by 10, to make a single-digit number. To understand how this works in a better way, let us take a look at the third card rules of the pokdeng game.

The Third Card Rules of the Pok Deng Online Game

The third card Pok Deng rules of the pok deng game highly depend on the first two cards dealt in the initial round. The idea of the game which makes it interesting to play is that the 3rd card is the last card and regardless of the outcome no cards will be further drawn.


  • If the first two cards which are dealt initially sum up to 3 or a value less than 3 then a third card will be drawn. In the image above the cards here sum up to 4 + 6 = 10.
  • Since, we drop the 10 if the value goes above a single-digit number, here the overall value is 0. This means that a third card will be needed here, which is card 10. This makes the overall value 4 + 6 + 10 = 20.
  • Again, the sum of this hand is 0 but since the third card is the last card that can be drawn, this hand automatically will lose the betting round.
  • That being said, if the first two card values sum up to 4 or more than 4, then the system will offer the players the to draw a third card or stand their card.
  • If the dealer or player gets the first two card’s value as 8 or 9, then it is an automatic win for whoever gets it. If both of them get it 8 or 9, then it is a tie.

Understanding the Main Pok Deng Online Card Hand Ranks

Before we take a look at the cara main pokdeng tutorial and real money pokdeng W88 gameplay, let us first look at the Pokdeng card game hand ranks which are part of the Pok Deng Rules which you should memorize thoroughly. As mentioned above, pokdeng’s gameplay is similar to poker and thus, there are card ranks where the best ranks often get the wins.

RankHand NameNo. of Cards Required
1Pok 92
2Pok 82
3Straight Flush3
4Three of a Kind3
6Face Cards3
7Normal2 or 3
  1. Pok 9: The highest ranking card is the Pok 9 card where you get a perfect score of 9 with the sum of the first 2 cards. However, here, the Pok 9 Flush card stands the highest. For example, if you get a 5♣️ and a 4♣️ card, then it is a Pok 9  Flush card.
  2. Pok 8: The second highest ranking card is the Pok 8 card, where you get a perfect 8 score with only the first 2 cards. An example of the Pok8 Hand is the Pok 8 Pair 9♣️ and 9♣️ or Pok 8 High Card 3♠️ and 5♥️ and other like-wise cards.
  3. Straight Flush: If you get the first two cards are 1♠️ and 2♠️, and the third card given to you is a 3♠️, then this is a straight flush win where the numbers are consecutive to each other and they all are from the same suit.
  4. Three of a Kind: When you get a hand which is something like the cards 7♦️, 7♥️ and 7♣️, then it is a three-of-a-kind hand where all numbers are the same from different suits.
  5. Straight: Similar to a straight flush, when the numbers on the card are consecutive to each other, then it is considered to be a straight flush irrespective of the suits they belong to. For example, 1♠️, 2♣️, and 3♦️ is a pokdeng straight hand.
  6. Face Cards: Face cards are referred to all Joker, Queen, and King cards. Although their points are 11, 12, and 13, respectively, if you get 2 face cards and a third card is pulled which is also a face card, then you win.
  7. Normal: Normal cards are the hands created from only the numbers on the card. You add the numbers and get a high point, here, you can score with the first two cards or would require an additional one.

Learn Cara Main Pok Deng Card Game  at W88 in 3 Simple Steps

Let us now learn how to play pokdeng online in one of the best online game rooms you can find in the betting world which is W88. Using this website, you can get the best pokdeng gaming experience like never before.

Step 1: Log into W88 and select the Pok Deng Online game room

  • the first thing that you must do is join W88 by creating an account in the W88 register. To do so, visit the W88 official website and click on ‘Join‘ which is available on the home page.
  • Then you must fill out the form correctly and create a unique username and strong password which you will use to log into your new W88 account by clicking on ‘Login‘.


  • Once done, you must click on ‘Games‘ to access the Pok Deng card game online where you can place real money bets to win.
  • Then you must click on ‘Pok  Deng: Virtual Dealer‘ to play the game online. This will take you to a new W88 tab where you can continue the further steps to know cara main pok deng online.
  • As you can see, W88 offers many game rooms which you can use to play for real money as well as trial rounds to help you pick the perfect game to play online.

Step 2: Select your preferred betting limit to place bets

  • When you enter the Pok Deng online game room in the new W88 tab, you will be introduced to a lively game room with bright colors which makes playing there more fun.
  • However, most of the W88 game rooms will first ask you to select your preferred betting limits and it is something you should do after considering your betting limit and budget.


  • So, the next step will require you to select your preferred betting rate from all the available ones which cater to pro players and beginner learners.
  • To play more rounds, here we decided to select the minimum betting rate game room which also helps us spend money wisely when playing the fun Pok Deng card game online.

Step 3: Play against the virtual dealer to win the game

  • As mentioned above, Pokdeng is a game which is fun to play because it can be considered as a combination of most online casino games and thus is the best challenging casino game for beginners to play.
  • When you enter the Pokdeng table, you will see that there is a virtual live dealer, as well as, three empty seats.


  • So, to place bets, you must pick a casino chip and click on the seat you want to take from the three on the pokdeng table. Once you have placed the bet, you must click on ‘Confirm‘ to lock your bets on the table.
  • The dealer will then deal cards clockwise once the betting timer ends, including to themselves, and the game will commence. Further down, you will be introduced to real-money gameplay to help you understand how the pokdeng betting rounds take place.

Real Money Pok Deng Online GamePlay at W88 Game Room

Now, for the final part of our cara main pokdeng tutorial, let us look at a real money game play in the W88 game room to help you understand how the gameplay commences in most pokdeng rooms, which is mostly like the gameplay of W88 Baccarat and a little bit of Poker. It is important to remember to follow the small instructions and rules of the game rooms given by the virtual dealer very well to be in sync with the gameplay’s flow.

ROUND 1: Place your bets before the timer ends and wait for the cards to shuffle 

  • In the first round, you will place your bets on the table you want to take a seat at by clicking on your preferred betting chip and on the seat you want to take and then click on confirm to lock the bet.
  • You must do so before the timer ends and once the timer ends, the RNG system will shuffle the cards automatically and the virtual dealer will deal them on each table clockwise. Each table in the pokdeng game room will get 2 cards.


  • Here, we have placed an RM0.05 bet on table no. 2 and confirmed our bets right before the timer ends. The cards will then shuffle automatically once the timer hits 0 and we will get the cards for the betting round.

ROUND 2: See the card ranks dealt to you and depending on the conditions, wait for the third card

  • Round 2 begins as soon as the timer ends and the virtual dealer has finished giving us our cards. Here, we have received the hand 4♦️ and 9♥️ which makes the total 13.
  • This means that we will have to receive another card because in 13 we drop 10 and thus, our hand value is only 3, which is less.


  • Through the 2nd and last round, we get another card added to our hand automatically. This card will be revealed shortly, right before the showdown takes place.
  • As you can see, table no. 1 has received the cards 6♥️ and 2♦️ which adds up to 8, this gives them a direct win as they have scored a Pok 8.

ROUND 3: Add up your cards and compare them with the dealer’s in the showdown to win the game!

  • The last and final round is where our third card is revealed as well as the dealer’s card is revealed, all of which will determine the winner of this betting round.
  • Here, our 3rd card is revealed to be a 5♥️, which means that the overall sum of our hand is 4 + 9 + 5 which is equal to 18.


  • Since 18 is a high number, we drop 10, which makes our final card hand value 8, so although we did not get a high hand rank, we received a perfect score for a win! But what about the dealer? Their card is revealed as 7♠️and 8♥️ which makes the sum 15, which is dropped down to 5.
  • Since the dealer cannot draw a third card, we and the others on the table won this betting round easily. Thus, betting as well as winning the pokdeng game online at W88 is as simple as joining the online betting site to play other exciting games online.

In Conclusion

This was all about cara main pokdeng tutorial where you can experience entertainment like never before. So, join W88 today itself and get access to the pokdeng game room and play against a virtual dealer to win high payouts. Speaking of high payouts, joining W88 does not only provide you with the best online games but also with one of the best welcome bonus offers of up to RM30 which you can claim after verifying your details. So, learn the pokdeng tutorial and play the game to win only at W88.

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