Qatar Unabashed by Korea Republic’s Challenge

Since the beginning of the AFC Asian Cup, Qatar has shown quite the tenacity and skill on the field, making it one of the most noteworthy teams so far in the competition. The Korea Republic happens to be their next competition which gives them another opportunity to stay consistent and prove themselves worthy of a level up.

Felix Sanchez, coach of Qatar team stands firm despite the pressure he and his boys get from the cup, which proves the team’s headstrong attitude during a monumental quarter clash. “The pressure of being in a quarter-final is more than welcome and I think they have to enjoy it and work very hard to have the chance to have at least one more game,” Sanchez says.

The Spaniard also shares the way he views the pressure the whole industry is giving him and his team which he says can be used in the right way to stay motivated. “I want them to feel the pressure in the right way because it is a very important game, but they are absolutely used to these kinds of situations. We know we are going to face a very tough game against what many people believe is one of the favorites for the tournament.” Sanchez adds.

Qatar is set to battle Korea Republic today, January 25 at 9:00 PM in the Sheikh Zayed Sports City in UAE.

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