Premier League’s Premiere This June 2020 – For Football Fans

Just as what everyone says… Welcome to the new normal! Despite the global COVID-19 pandemic, the sports news has been active since Premier League season starts again this week! But, with “broadcast enhancements” used for the entire tournaments.

Truly, no one can stop the Premier League now because here they go again—giving every football fan with a football high! The favorite teams and live games can be watched now—finally, after some months!

Premier League is definitely back. However, the return of the EPL would be sealed through a high-speed entertainment medium following the safety precautions on the health crisis happening worldwide. Going virtual would be the best all for now. This is for the players, fans, and sports team’s welfare anyway.

Premier League's Premiere This June 2020 - For Football Fans

With high-quality products used for the live video feeds, innovations for the play resumption includes tunnel cameras and audio from the coin toss.

Viewers also have the choice to listen to the game they are watching with or without artificial crowd noise on their own screens. But as for the players, they would not hear any sound effects or audio behind the closed-door games.

Premier League plans to cater live video feeds for sports fans all over the world. And what is amusing here, the organization wants to feature 16 fans from each club and they would be the supporters seen on the giant screens during the matches.

In an estimate, there would be about 300 people present every match. No worries though. Social distancing would, of course, be followed in line with this idea.

In addition to these new gameplay rules, the seats (especially the ones nearest to the pitch) have covers designed by every club. The league says that they designed it that way in order to improve the visual and acoustic environment setting.

Premier League's Premiere This June 2020 - For Football Fans

In the time for goal celebrations, the players are still advised to maintain distance from one another. Broadcasters’ celebration camera would identify which players are heading to after scoring as well.

Players must not surround to any officials, too. Moreover, the games propose “no spitting or no clearing”, as well as shaking hands to opposition managers.

There are other proposed rules in and outside the games of the Premier League. Everyone is still adjusting to the new guidelines and that’s okay. What is important: the health and safety of the fans and players while giving the best entertainment for all through football games.

Even if there is a global crisis right now, at least, this one is a piece of good news to hear for sports entertainment frequenters.

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