Loris Karius Finally Speaks About the Kiev Incident and his Career at Anfield

After a controversial season at Liverpool, specifically his poor and unforgettable performance at Kyiv, 26-year-old German footballer Loris Karius finally comes out to speak about the traumatizing event. Liverpool’s goalkeeper has been at the end of several controversial comments and feedback from social media and the football industry as a whole. It’s been roughly a year since Real Madrid’s victory over Liverpool 3-1 match in Kyiv in the 2018 Champions League Final, and most recently, Karius spoke to British media for the first time since and had quite a lot to say.

“I don’t think about Kyiv anymore, it’s so long ago, nearly two seasons now.. There were so many circumstances. I had a bad injury and nobody was talking about it. People can say what they want, it doesn’t really concern me anymore.” Karius said.

The gut-wrenching moment for Karius brought him to tears and constant gestures of apology to Liverpool fans everywhere, as the first and third goals on his appearance for the team to date. In the last few months of 2019, the 26-year-old has started his second season at the Turkish team Besiktas where he is currently on loan. Karius mentioned his intention of moving forward with his head held high and not dwelling on last year’s traumatizing event. He claims that the loss was due to him suffering from a concussion which compromised his decisions on and off the field.

In terms of his relationship with his previous team, “I am happy Liverpool won the Champions League the following year, and they have a good chance again this year, so let’s see where it takes them. I still speak to the goalkeeping coach and some of the players.” Karius added.

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