Brazil Finally Hits Home Base at Rio de Janeiro Post Quarter-final Defeat with Heart Broken Neymar

After a 2-1 loss to Belgium, Brazil footballers land in the Galeao International Airport with quite the dullness. This world cup loss is particularly disappointing to the team and the rest of Brazil. It looks like Brazil’s chances of becoming World Cup champion since 2002, has officially come to an end. There was no audacious and cheerful reception from fans as the team arrived in the airport.

It’s no surprise that the team is disenchanted with their performance and the result of the match. “We knew we had what it takes to go further, to make history… but it wasn’t to be this time.” The PSG forward expressed in a post he made via Instagram.

Neymar who is strongly defeated by the elimination has gotten so much criticism throughout the competition. This is highly due to his delivery, diving, and simulation, which ultimately took a toll on Neymar himself, causing hesitation towards his return to playing for PSG.

The 26-year-old PSG forward started his game in Russia with so much potential which eventually died down later throughout other games. Neymar even came to admit that losing the quarter-final to Belgium has got to be the lowest point he’s been in in the totality of his football career.

“I can tell you this is the saddest moment of my career, the pain is huge because we know what we could have gone far,” Neymar adds.

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