Road Signs that will Make You Question Life

The main purpose of road signs is to guide people driving or walking on the street. Typically, they are also held up and displayed on the road to help prevent accidents from happening. Although, there are a few bizarre road signs in different places in the world that may tend to confuse people rather than guiding them towards their destination. The following are some actual signs people actually come across every day.

10 Signs to Consider Paying Attention to

Good Morning Indeed

weirdest street signs 2

A Reason to Boycott McDonald’s

weirdest street signs 1

Literal Signs That Don’t Need to Be Signs

weirdest street signs 3

When They’re Not Helpful AT ALL…

weirdest street signs 4

Self-contradictory Signs

weirdest street signs 5

The last time I checked, driving thru somewhere meant passing by somewhere to either pick something up or drop something off. This sign clearly lets people know the purpose applies otherwise. Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

weirdest street signs 6

Try not to get misguided though

weirdest street signs 7

Bump or Hump ahead?

weirdest street signs 8

It’s good to be aware

weirdest street signs 9

How can anyone miss this though?

weirdest street signs 10

That’s not polite…

Road signs are supposed to be helpful and prevent road accidents. Although, after everything you’ve seen, your best bet is to just trust your common sense at this point.

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