12 Memes Explaining the Struggles of Using a Dating App

Adult life more often than not makes it hard to meet new people and finding new friends. As much as we would like to casually meet people in cafes or libraries just as movies and shows suggest, there’s still a sense of the go-green mentality people have, to just always keep moving and accomplishing as many tasks as possible, which is probably why it’s harder to just slow down and take time to meet people who pass by. Thus, the reliability of dating apps like Tinder, Bumble, Raya, and OK Cupid among others, that help people directly connect with potential new friends or significant others.

The dating apps aren’t always a pleasant virtual place to meet people since not everyone is exactly briefed to be a good or harmless person. However, it’s been proven that there are some rather questionable people on the apps and even more questionable behavior we observe from friends and other people who use the app on the daily. Below are a few memes that describe examples of behaviors, mentalities, and encounters people go through in the dating apps.

12 Dating Apps Struggles Anyone Who Swipes Will Understand

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Those who are just starting out and don’t know what they’re doing

Those who rely on astrology to tell you a quick run-through of your personality type

That one friend in the group who refuses to succumb

The main point of swiping right or left

Those on Tinder for relationships… LOL

When switching messaging apps is a total drag

The girl who swipes right for everyone on the app for a challenge

When human physical contact is deemed the last and final step

A request filed by single women too anti-dating apps

Catfishing, am I right?

Bumble is cringing

Just Keep Swiping, Just Keep Swiping

There’s nothing wrong with online dating, despite many people looking down on it. There’s a huge amount of people still after something genuine and real, but refuse to go through the online app, which there’s nothing wrong with as well. However, if you’re one to use dating apps to find sex or one night stands, then maybe being extra cautious and safe is a must. Use your wit and try to avoid exchanging nudes with useless dudes nevertheless, happy swiping!

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