10 Memes that Basically Sum Up How Ratchet the US President Is  

It doesn’t take a political animal to know who Donald Trump is in America. He is not only the president of the United States of America. He is someone who cannot stop getting attention for his rather unique and tactless approach to leading his administration. President Trump has been widely criticized for his demeanor, stand, and execution of power in the last two years he has been in office.

It sometimes becomes challenging to reason with the validity of his statements in the media. From fake news, tweets, scandals, and political debaucheries with other world leaders; indeed, it’s no shock that there is a certain level of attention the president cannot escape. Here are ten memes that sarcastically and ironically depict the ratchet presidency of Donald J. Trump.

10 Savage Trump Memes

The much-needed proofreader that he needs for his tweets

When tanning is just part of the American Dream

Trump isn’t the most clever and eloquent speaker

“Grab ‘em by the pussy” became quite a slogan

The presidential toupee

When he is the pussy people wanna grab

Deny, deny, deny, right?

Someone give Hillary Clinton a medal

That’s what she said

When the level of discretion is a joke

There is no such thing as bad press anymore when you’re President Trump because every day is a just another day at reality tv. Donald J. Trump is definitely one political figure people love to hate and watch on tv, online and read about in the news. It just comes to show that maybe, this era does entail a necessary evil, maybe that’s why Trump is still president?

Source: w88you

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