10 Memes on What Social Distancing is Like for Everyone Outdoors

As COVID-19 continues to grow on a global scale, the rest of the world are still trying their best to keep working from home. There are also many people who need to go outside to do work that supports many people who need basic goods and services. This includes delivery personnel, drivers, health care workers, and many more essential workers in the service and medical industry.

This also means that social distancing measure is a necessity for everyone outside to follow in order to flatten the curve. However, many people still find it a struggle to stay at a 6-foot distance from people they wish to walk around with or come across. Below are some memes that describe the hilarity and also idiocy of people not following social distancing queues in public.

10 Hilarious and Face-Palm Memes About Social Distancing During COVID-19

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5 Steps at a Time

The best way to conquer this global pandemic is not bulletproof and maybe staying home and practicing social-distancing are just two effective ways we can do right now. It can be hard and many people still don’t realize how much it can do for the community they’re a part of. However, maybe using a tad bit of common sense is a must when trying to keep your distance from people. Oh well! Keep on keeping on… at a distance!

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