W88 Archives: Playing Fast and Easy Poker with W88 Superbull  

Playing poker at w88 is already a great way to test your poker skills, with its superb poker app and mobile app, w88 gives its players more than just poker to the gaming options of members. W88 presents it players with Superbull, a card game that is similar to poker at w88, except it’s just a game you play with other members but directly compete with the dealer.

The game has similar rules with to poker with the main objective of dividing a five-card hand into two segments with the left consisting of three cards while the right having two. Dealers of the game can be played by anyone on the table by way of bidding or by manual assignment if no one bids on the role.

Superbull’s Super Feature

Dealers are allowed to compare their hand with the rest of the players, but players only compare their hand directly with the dealer, excluding the other players. What makes Superbull a little more interesting than poker is that it gives the player to go against the dealer one on and beat them with the best combination of cards at their disposal.

Players are also given the chance to get a hint of what the dealer’s deck looks like or to just go all in and see who pulled bull. Supebull gives players the chance to win all at the same time or lose all at the same time, or even simultaneously win against the dealer.

P2P Games at W88

Superbull in W88 P2P Games is a no-brainer. The dynamics of the game are simple; the only challenge is to be able to make quick decisions as you place strategic bets. When it comes to leisure and entertainment, W88 has an edge with its P2P games at their disposal.

The rules and mechanics are rather direct, which does not only provide the players with ease and interactive fun but an engaging gaming experience at that. W88 hosts several games from easy and intermediate levels to advance levels which all members are open play. Register today and experience w88 gaming like no other!

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