Call, Raise, Fold – Texas Holdem Quick Rules & Set Rules

Curious as to what Call, Raise, and Fold means at Poker? No worries anymore because W88you would share these 3 Texas Holdem quick rules and terms with you!

Texas Holdem Poker Tournament Rules

Every game—whether it is for sportsbook, live casino, slots, or just any other gaming—has its basic set of rules and terms. Texas Holdem Poker for one example holds the same book of rulings as well. Yes, of course, there are Texas Holdem Poker tournament rules to follow. Thus, the terms that you need to know. 

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The most basic and most relevant Texas Holdem Poker set rules? It refers to the three essential Poker terms: Call, Raise, and Fold.

If you are a newbie, you might have heard these words being used when a Poker game is ongoing. These three terminologies are very important as these are the foundation of every Texas Holdem Poker tournament rules. 

Call, Raise, Fold - Texas Holdem Quick Rules & Set Rules

Without further ado, here are the Texas Holdem quick rules from W88 and Poker gaming in general, woohoo!

1. Call

One of the most important Texas Holdem quick rules you need to know is the term: Call. Why? Because call means placing your bets. Without this ruling, betting at Poker would be chaotic. 

Imagine if you are called to place a bet even when your cards are loser numbers? You would easily waste your money! At least with this Texas Holdem quick rules and terms called Call, you openly volunteer yourself in the game.

Call, Raise, Fold - Texas Holdem Quick Rules & Set Rules

Feel free to call in Texas Holdem Poker if your cards look great. If you think you have a chance to beat the other places because you are holding the best cards, go on and call that!

What is nice with putting a call in the game? Easy wins. Bravery pays at Texas Holdem. If nobody calls after you or nobody wants to fight with you, the hand is over (most of the time) to you! So yes, you can win instantly here, especially through W88 Texas Holdem Poker!

2. Raise

Another essential Texas Holdem quick rules you need to know is the Poker term: Raise. 

Now that you know how to place a bet via call, you must also know how to raise in Poker. Raise, meaning, you would challenge the existing player’s call with a higher bet.

Call, Raise, Fold - Texas Holdem Quick Rules & Set Rules

Yes, a raise means an increase in betting money. Thus, bigger jackpot if you win! If no other players beat you via folding, you win the game. But in case one wants a re-raise, that means that player wants to top up your game better.

Raise is one of the foundations of Texas Holdem quick rules because this is the haggle time. This is where you would observe your opponents. Thus, where you would fight and play the game.

3. Fold

And last, but never least, the term you also need to know in Poker: Fold.

Call, Raise, Fold - Texas Holdem Quick Rules & Set Rules

You know how to place a bet via call already, you also know how to make the Poker game going via raise. So now, let us talk about Fold. Fold in Poker means discarding your hand in the game. Meaning, you forfeit and accept you would not continue the game anymore.

For some, folding means losing. But to be honest, folding in the first place is also a win. Instead of raising your money at the table without sureness if you would bring home the pot, it might be better to just wait for the next game instead of gambling cash into the fire.

Call, Raise, Fold - Texas Holdem Quick Rules & Set Rules

Because yes, fold in Poker is you volunteering out of the game. If the cards dealt with you are not nice and you know those would not win, W88you suggests you fold instead. It might take a while waiting for the next round, but it would be more practical and logical to use your betting money in the next game instead. Know what is rakeback in online poker & bost up your poker adventure at W88.

Texas Holdem Poker Set Rules

And that is it! These three terms explained by W88you are the starters of Texas Holdem Poker tournament rules. There are more other Texas Holdem Poker set rules aside from these terms but knowing these fundamentals would go a long way! You can start playing poker if you know these already!

If you want more of that, tune in to W88you daily, so you would learn tips and tricks + rules and strategies like this!

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